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How I curl my hair in 20 minutes

Tonight’s  post  is going to be showing you how I curl my hair and the products I use! I never use to curl my hair because it took for ages, but last year I found a really quick easy way to make my hair look super cute, and it only takes me 20-25 minutes which means if I get up earlier, I can curl it for school.
My hair is really straight and flat, so I am always hunting for volumising hair products, I have found a few that help my hair stay curl but also protect from heat.
1 Hair curling products
2 straight hair
3 heat level i used 4 curly hair the result
 Products and Uses 
– Babyliss Hair wand – To curl my hair
– John Frieda full repair styling spray – To act as a heat defence
– Umberto Giannini Curl friends Natural curls styling spray – as a final touch to make the curls more defined and hold better
– Wella Silvrikin Hairspray – To hold the curls
– Comb – to backcomb to add oomph and volume to the roots
– Hairband and grips – to section my hair
1) Brush hair through
2) Add heat defence
3) Section hair – I find having lots of sections makes it 100x easier!
3) Curl hair – from the back to make it easier
4) Add hairspray ect
5) Backcomb roots for volume
6) Style as desired!
I hope this is helpful in some way, do you curl your hair? What products do you use to create volume?
Thankyou for reading!