How Colors Affect Your Mood and Style

If you prefer to clothe yourself in a sea of neutrals, you may be apprehensive about adding brighter colors. However, colors can affect your mood and style whether you’re a creative, aggressive, or passionate person as some of them can make you feel more powerful and confident. One of the easiest ways to change your mood and mindset is simply by changing the colors you choose to wear, so keep on reading for our color guide.




Black conveys seriousness and authority for where some artists and designers take advantage of its symbolic significance on their masterpieces. Theoretically speaking black is the combination of all colors absorbed into one and represents the absence of light. If you have a day where you need to negotiate and be more assertive, consider an all-black outfit to command a bit more power and give your professional presence.


red-cape-and-pants-with-yellow-top red-keyhole-dress-with-gold-leaf-belt

The associations with the color red are complicated since it ranges from sexy and passionate to dangerous and rage. Also, red is also an intense shade that ignites action and enhances response speed. Since the shade is powerful and too much can be overkill, stick to small accents to add some pop, or opt for a red dress like fashion blogger Carly Maddox and wear a gold belt to add some elegance.


orange-pants-with-gray-ombre-top slip-on-sandals-with-orange-dress

Orange is the “fun” color as the hue is full of life and energy. Hybrid of red and yellow, orange must be worn in moderation especially at the workplace as it can suggest frivolity or anti-intellectualism. If you’re on your casual weekends, feel free to opt for bold orange dresses and trousers to enhance your playfulness factor on your street looks.


yellow-jacket-with-novelty-shirt yellow-crop-top-with-lace-skirt-and-pearl-choker

Yellow is psychologically the strongest color, as its wavelength is long and stimulating. However, the shade is difficult for the eye to stare at though it activates the anxiety portion of our brains. So, use it to boost confidence and enhance optimism to your everyday style. Like fashion blogger Chantal Galda, think of going for a pastel yellow outfit that looks more subdued and romantic over a neon one. Remember, proving too much of a good thing can have an inverse effect.


green-dress-with-pink-sandals green-skirt-with-floral-top

Green is the easiest color on the eye, as it demands no ocular adjustment and it can actually reduce fatigue, making it the color of rest and relaxation. Like fashion blogger Darya Kamalova, think of a green dress that will look quirky with pink sandals, or a green pencil skirt that look great with a floral blouse.


sailor-inspired-blue-dress-with-striped-hat draped-pastel-blue-dress

Blue is the calming color that positively affects mental clarity. That’s the reason why blue is a dominant business color. Blue can actually be a great interview color, as it connotes dependability and trustworthiness, and can put both you and the interviewer at ease. By heeding these color guide, you’ll be able to affect your mood and style in a positive way.