Hot Trends that Prove It’s Okay to Break the Rules Sometimes

In fashion, there are no written rules but there are a few unspoken ones that have been known to guarantee a great outfit for years now. Recently, though, these ‘rules’ are being broken by the bold and radical style and fashion enthusiasts of today and the results, to be honest, are quite stunning. Here are some of the hottest trends that prove it’s okay to break the rules sometimes.

  • PRINT ON PRINT – the print on print trend, also known as the double print trend, defies the age old ‘wear prints in moderation’ rule of fashion and all I can say is: I wish this ‘rule’ was broken earlier. Today, mixing and matching prints is one of the hottest and most fun trends out there and it really brings so much character to an outfit.

print on print stripes and florals

print on print shirt and skirt print on print matching

  • DOUBLE DENIM – just like prints, denims shouldn’t be worn from head to toe. At least that’s what they used to say. Today, the double denim trend is a one of the hottest trends, be it for summer, spring, winter or fall. It doesn’t always have to be a pants-and-shirt combo, too, and you can also sub your denim top with chambray for a lighter option.

denim on denim denim on denim trend denim on denim combo

  • DAYTIME SEQUINS – sequins used to be reserved for nighttime clubbing or party outfits but not anymore. Today, you can wear your sequined pieces pretty much anytime you want and, yes, that means during the day too. Of course, moderation is key to pulling off daytime sequins. Wear it minimally and preferably focused on one area at a time, too.

sequined jacket sequined shorts sequins in gold

  • HEAD TO TOE WHITE PAST LABOR DAY – you know the drill: bust out your whitest whites, wear them on Labor Day and stash them away until either next year’s Labor Day or another event that calls for either a white top or white bottoms. Today, you can wear white from head to toe whenever you please. Bring on the monochromatic white looks!

all white vanessa hudgens all white summer outfit all white look

  • MIXED METALS – the mixed metals trend is becoming really big and popular and this is another of the trends that prove that it’s okay to break fashion rules sometimes. Can’t figure out whether your skin has a cool tone or a warm tone to it? Forget about it and mix your metals instead. It’s the most stylish way to solve your dilemma and be on the safe side, all while being fab and chic.

mixed metals mixed metals style mixed metals accessories

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