Hot Halloween Looks from Kim Kardashian

In a few weeks, Halloween will be here which is why I’m pretty sure you’re scouting the internet for ideas on what to go to that Halloween party this year as. If you’re an avid Halloween party-goer, you may have already sported a number of costumes in the past few years and may have possibly even run out of ideas. If you’re looking for some Halloween costume inspirations and you don’t mind looking a little too sexy, check out these hot Halloween looks from Kim Kardashian and see if there’s anything you fancy recreating.

  • Little Red Riding Hood – ready to revisit your childhood? Look sexy with Kim Kardashian’s take on the classic Little Red Riding Hood look. The corset bustier top will really take the sexiness of this Halloween look to a whole new level and the whole red and white color palette will add to the smokiness of it too.

close up shot little red riding hood

Kim K as Little Red Riding Hood Kim-Kardashian-Halloween-Costumes

  • Jasmine from Aladdin – Kim Kardashian lives such a lavish lifestyle she might as well be a princess and that’s exactly what she wore to Halloween back in 2009. I wish she could’ve done something more Princess Jasmine-y to her hair instead of just having it down like the usual. If you ever decide on doing this look, do at least a segmented ponytail to get that proper Jasmine feel. Everything else was sexy and on point, though, and makes a pretty great costume inspo for anyone looking to channel their inner Disney Princess in a less childish kind of way.

princess jasmine from aladdin

  • Catwoman – whether you got a guy who will come with you to the party as Batman or not, if you’re looking for a costume that will serve as an excuse to look sexy this Halloween, going as Catwoman would be perfect. Surprisingly, Kim’s take on the Catwoman look is pretty covered up but the head to toe leather makes it really sexy and the face mask she had completed the outfit to a T, making her inner vixen stand out.

KIM KARDASHIAN in Catwoman Costume catwoman full suit

  • Queen of Hearts – it seems like dressing up for Halloween is just another one of the things that Kim Kardashian is really good at. For Halloween 2013, one of the top Halloween looks that sported was the Queen of Hearts look. The frilly costume dress looked really pretty on her and she was able to give the iconic look a regal sultry twist.

closeup queen of hearts complete queen of hearts look kween of hearts outfit

  • Flapper – if you ever wondered what Kim Kardashian would have looked like back in the twenties, this flapper girl costume she wore to a Halloween party in the past will give you a pretty good glimpse. If you’re looking for a vintage-retro-ish kind of costume, you can take inspiration from this and dress up as a flapper girl yourself this coming Halloween.

20s flapper costume flapper costume look glamorous flapper outfit

  • Poison Ivy – this has got to be, by far, my personal favorite out of all of Kim Kardashian’s Halloween looks. Her Poison Ivy costume gave her bright red hair which is a refreshing break from her usual dark locks. The dress was nothing phenomenal but it was gorgeous nonetheless.

kim kardashian as poison ivy poisoin ivy costume sexy poison ivy look

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