Home Laser Hair Removal Review

Home Laser Hair Removal Review

I had been dependant on my Boots I-Pulse IPL machine for almost five months when I decided to go laser cold turkey!

Now before you jump to conclusions and think I had finished my treatment having at last accomplished fuzz freedom, this unfortunately was not the case.

It isn’t that I didn’t see results with it or didn’t enjoy using it, quite the opposite in fact.

The machine is so easy and pain free to use I had no trouble with it at all and the results were seriously impressive.


After 12 weeks the hair was growing much slower and there were large visible bald patches, the razor was going to be a thing of the past until…

I decided to take the test.

At 18 weeks I stopped using the at home laser machine as I rarely got regrowth between my weekly zapping sessions and the sceptic in me wanted to see just how PERMANENT the results were.

The not so pretty results are below, look away now if horrified by hair!
Home Laser Hair Removal Review1
For the first two weeks there was absolutely no regrowth leaving me stunned thinking I had found hair free happiness but then a little stubble did start to grow in the third week.

By the end of the month as you can see there is a little hair but admittedly not much of it.

If I’d let my pit hair grow prior to the I-Pulse I’ve no doubt it would have been a bush after that length of time!
Home Laser Hair Removal Review2
So now that the experiment is over I can’t tell you how happy I was to shave the other day and grab the laser again.

You may be wondering what prompted this little hiatus, well it was an event I attended at the beginning of November in the very swish Mayfair Hotel hosted by the team behind the I-Pulse.

There was champagne on tap, stunning surroundings, beautiful girls, use of their amazing spa and the chance to quiz the creators about the machine.

The main question I wanted to know the answer to was ‘ does the laser permanently remove the hair or just reduce it?’.

The answer from the Boots team was most definitely a yes, depending on the area the results are permanent and it is currently the only at home laser machine that gives these results.

If the hair does come back like mine did then I’m lead to believe it didn’t technically ‘come back’ at all, the hair that grew within that month was new hair created by natural changes in my skin and hormonal balance.

So I assume a continuous use every few weeks is needed to keep hairs away,whats five minutes every fortnight compared to shaving daily!

The other question I was keen to know was ‘ why is the laser head so small?’.

I would love to do my legs but with the current head it would take days for me to do so.
Home Laser Hair Removal Review3
The answer was that the size of the head is the biggest it can possibly be for the size of the machine meaning waxing is still a pain I’ll have to endure for a while longer on my pins.

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