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Holiday Wishlist- 4 Places I Want To Visit

With summer just around the corner, it gets me thinking, about where I would love to be buying an airline ticket for. I have planned a holiday this year, and that is to one of these hot spots. However I always sit and wonder as to what it would be like to go to all these places in the world. For a bit of fun, I’ve picked 4 spots I would love to visit.Holiday-Wishlist-4-Places-I-Want-To-Visit

Starting off with Las Vegas, the secret gangster in me wants to go here, to gamble and get dressed up and hustle, I would probably be crap at it all as I’m useless at snatch but it would be fun to have all the lights and excitement in one holiday, If I was to visit Vegas I would stay in a themed hotel and have a different cocktail dress for each night. Ah it would be magical.

Next is Barcelona. This is where I’ve planned to go this year, my parents have been twice and told me its thee place to shop till you drop. Which sounds like a great holiday to me. I am so excited to visit Barcelona, to see all the gorgeous architect  and to catch some rays and walk along the beach sipping pina coldas without a care in the world…..eeeeekkkk roll on July.

Moving onto Miami, this is clearly my Dexter obsession that drags me here. I need to stand outside Miami metro and take a million photos, I love the look of Miami and its clean blue water and beach lifestyle, making it a perfect holiday destination. I think I read somewhere that Dexter was set in LA, could be wrong. Even so, I can still hunt around for Dexter’s apartment. (I have no Life)

Lastly, is Sicily,Italy. My heart will always belong somewhere in Italy. I think once you have been, you always want to see more. I have heard that Sicily is where all the mafia go and visit their mobster family. Sounds like heaven. If you didn’t already know, I want to be a gangster so to see them in action would be the bomb. Also for the love of GodFather, I have to go here. Pasta and for mafia lifestyle, Sicily is calling me.

So that’s the top places I want to visit. If I ever won the lottery, I would tour America in a RV. I could not think of anything more amazing to do than that. I would love to see the outback countries and see places like Tennessee etc. That would be awesome. I also want to discover Italy more, so I would probably travel around as well. But I would need to win the lotto.

Where would you love to visit?