H&M and Forever 21 Sweater Haul

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving if you celebrate!
I know I definitely came home from a party with my family in a total food coma!I have been collecting a couple of sweaters to do a little haul, so let’s get on with it!
All of these should still be available! 🙂floral girly sweater pretty sweater dress
1 sweater is from H&M
The first sweater is from H&M, and this was around 32 dollars I believe. I’ve had a hell of a time with this. H&M really disappointed me when it came to the quality of this sweater. The first one I purchased had a huge rip in the sleeve that I didn’t even notice, and then I’ve already noticed that there are some snags and what not in this sweater. Unfortunately I lost the receipt, so that’s my fault, and they won’t return it again. It still is really pretty, hopefully the snags won’t tear and I can continue to wear it. The first one I purchased was a medium so that it would be a little slouchy, but when I went back all they had was a large and extra-large, so I got the large. Very baggy, but still very adorable.
2 sweater from Forever 21
3 Forever 21
I am absolutely in love with this sweater from Forever 21. It’s a olive-taupe color, depending on which way the light hits it. It has gorgeous embellishments on the shoulders, composed of gold and silver sequins. It’s just an adorable chunky warm sweater, and such a perfect fall color. This sweater was $32.50, and I purchased it online.
4 Forever 21 leopard print
5 leopard print detail
Also from Forever 21, this adorable cream leopard print sweater will certainly be one of my favorites this fall. This is a heavier wool material, but incredibly soft. I will forewarn you, however, that this sweater sheds all over everything and anything. I wore a blank tank underneath, and it was covered with little white and cream fibers. I am hoping that once it gets washed more often that the shedding with decrease. This was $19.80, purchased in store!
6 burgundy sweater
I have been dying for a burgundy sweater, and when I found this one at forever 21 for less than $13, I didn’t hesitate. It’s a gorgeous deep burgundy with a plunging neck line. I think that this will look adorable with dark wash skinny jeans, brown riding boots, and a nice chunky scarf.
7 my last on the list sweater
This last item is probably my most, not regretted, but worried about, purchase. If that makes sense? When I purchased it online, it was only available in small and large, so I figured if I wanted it to be slouchy and just really comfortable and able to be worn with leggings, I would get the large (figured it would be longer), but then I got it and it is definitely much larger than I assumed. I don’t want to send it back because of Forever 21’s lack-luster return policy, the sweater was only 10 dollars, and it would cost 5 dollars to return it alone, so forget it. How can I make this work? I am definitely going to throw it in the dryer on high heat and hope it gets a bit smaller. But if it doesn’t, I’m thinking a chunky scarf, opaque tights and riding boots. What do we think?Thanks for reading!xoxo

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