Helena Glazer: Nail Head-to-Toe Neutral Style

Though the word neutral and monochromatic can invoke the thought of a dull or bland look, the fact is you can wear all neutral colors in a summer outfit without looking plain or boring through great styling. Think of polished, elegant, classic styles where you can wear neutral colors such as black, beige, white, nude, gray, brown and such. Let’s have a style inspiration on how to pull neutral style in a sophisticated look.

A style blogger from New York, Helena Glazer is known for her classic, simple, and monochromatic looks. From color blocking to neutral attire, Helena’s stylish looks are seen on her blog Brooklyn Blonde. Since her hometown Brooklyn has an incredible diversity of styles, it influenced Helena to pull her outfit together by watching people passes by while she’s sitting on a bench. Let’s see what she got.

all white

all black

You may keep them simple and basic as they are if you stick to all black and all white motifs. But when sporting monotone attire, always remember to keep the silhouettes in various textures to avoid looking monotonous and boring. Bring some interest to your outfit by wearing different textures such as leather, cotton, denim, suede, wool and such. If you’re sporting an all-black ensemble, just try to wear a leather jacket, denim ripped jeans and accessories in suede such as sling bag and shoes. If white is your preferred shade, then wear a cotton top if you’re sporting a white blazer and white slacks. Silver accessories are great for adding good texture to your all white outfit.

animal print blouse animal print dress animal print shoes animal print shorts

Rather than making them plain and basic, let them be on the spotlight by wearing animal print ensembles. Remember, animal prints are treated as neutral too as they can be easily dressed up or down. If you’re feeling brave, go for leopard print dress but keep in mind to keep the rest of your outfit simple and in neutral shades. So, don’t over accessorize and just team the dress with black or nude shoes and stand tall. Also, you may sport leopard print short with button down black and beige blouse or leopard print blouse in a leather trousers topped by a nude trench coat. Though animal prints are neutral, it may still pop your outfit if you’re wearing all black – as black serves as a good backdrop of the classic print.

neutral prints polka dots blouse stripes dress stripes top

Also, classic prints in neutral colors such as stripes, polka dots, gingham, plaids, checks, and such are great for adding designs while keeping neutral in theme. For instance, wear a striped black and white dress and black heels or opt for striped or polka dots tops and neutral pants or shorts. As much as you like you can still mix prints and keep neutral by opting for neutral colored prints together.

nude and black black and white match black and gray black and brown

You may start by pairing two neutral tones together in an outfit for a sleek and elegant look. Pick within the colors of black, white, brown, gray, beige, nude and such in a two-color combination. You may wear gold and silver jewelry with them as they are treated as neutrals as well.

neutral mixed outfit

If you’ve mastered the basic rules, then you may now mix and match multiple neutral shades. For instance you may wear gray or khaki pants with a black suit, white top, nude shoes, and brown bag for a lively look.

Indeed, neutrals are trend-proof, flexible, style savers, and outfit multipliers. And, the key to embracing the neutral fashion style is to make sure you balance the neutral colors and feel confident about it. So, enjoy the neutral fashion style, and stay classic, timeless, and elegant woman.




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