Heat-proof Makeup Tips for Your Labor Day Weekend

Though fall is just a few days away, the summer heat is still on and as if that isn’t enough to make us struggle to keep our makeup on, the long weekend for Labor Day comes filled with irresistibly fun activities no one would want to miss. The summer heat and the sweat from doing so many (fun) things is a combination for disaster for your makeup. If you don’t know how to lock your makeup in, you’ll have everything slipping and sliding all day long and you’ll have a hot mess of a face at the end of the day, especially if you’re celebrating Labor Day with a traditional barbeque out on the garden / patio. To help keep your makeup looking good all day, here are some heat-proof makeup tips for your Labor Day weekend.

  • Prime your skin – priming is very important if you want to keep your makeup on all day, no matter how hot and sweaty you get. The primer will act as a layer on top of that skin to which your foundation will stick to. When choosing a primer to wear on a hot and busy day, choose one that contains silicone. This is the key ingredient that makes any product last longer. It’s also going to act as the barrier between humidity and your skin.

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  • Choose silicone based face products – aside from your primer, try to get your hands on other face products like foundation and creams that are silicone-based. As mentioned earlier, silicone acts as the barrier between your skin and humidity so it’s going to help keep your makeup from melting. They’re long-wearing, too, so you don’t need to worry about touching up throughout the day.

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  • Go for cream – if you have a jam packed Labor Day weekend ahead of you, opt for cream eye shadow and blushes. These tend to look more natural, the blend better, they give you that natural glow plus they stay on longer and they don’t cake or come off very easily. It’s perfect for a hot day out with fun people.

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  • Pick water-proof – the thing about heat is that it makes you sweat and, as if sweat itself isn’t already painful when it gets on your eyes, having eye products like eyeliner and mascara melt from sweat and get into your eyes can cause that really painful burning sensation. Keep your eyes safe and pain-free by choosing water-proof products. These will stay on no matter how hot and sweaty you get.

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  • Set with mist – lastly, once you’re done with your makeup, set it with a makeup setting mist. This is like hairspray for your makeup. It helps your makeup stay on despite the heat and you sweating. There are lots of different makeup setting mists out there but you can also make your own if you don’t want to spend money on it. Here’s an easy tutorial for DIY makeup setting spray.

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