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Haul: Nail Lacquers and EOS Lip Balms Review

Hello Sunday!
How’s your saturday hunnies?
Since it’s rainy and gloomy, I did nothing but stay home and bond with my baby. And yes, I did enjoy my saturday as I got my package from Sol of Digital Traincase.
As usual I am happy with my loot!
1 nail polish haul
A ZOYA Matte Velvet Lacquer in LOLLY together with my previous haul- NYX Girls Nail Polish in Girly, Heather, Roxy and Super Funk (i’ll post the swatches soon)
2 EOS lip balm collection
I also added two Limited Edition Spheres to my EOS lip balm collection and it comes with 2 Spheres in Passion Fruit and the Strawberry Sorbet.

More so, these were my EOS LIP BALM Multipack Haul Last January and since then I fell in love. They are all enticing! Its’ Fun colors and Cute shapes are what I absolutely Adore.
3 EOS Lip Balm Multipack Collection
EOS Lip Balm Multipack Collection comes with 3 Spheres in Summer Fruit, Honeysuckle HoneyDew,  Sweet Mint,and 1 Vanilla Bean Lip Balm Stick.
eos sunnysucked and honeydew
So, these are my flavor descriptions:
Summer fruit – A vibrant orange almost red color packaging. It reminds me of grapefruits- a hint of real sour fruit which I love.Honeysuckle Honeydew– It’s in Powder Blue, reminds me of cantaloupes, smells like a real Honeydew Melon. No plasticky scent or taste.Sweet Mint- I love the sweet mint in green tea. It has a very light peppermint smell which is not overpowering, and it has a light minty tingly effect on my lips. LOVE!

Vanila Bean- It dosn’t come in a sphere egg shape and it has a different texture. It is smoother and balm-y than the spheres. The smell.. ohhh Vanilla YUM! smells like a real Vanilla!

These Limited Editions have a light scent compared to the original flavors.
Passion Fruit I love the pastel purple color! It smells like a berry jam with some light floral scent.. but has no taste at all.
Strawberry Sorbet– It’s in pastel pink baby! It smells like a strawberry gum.. a little artificial and a bit waxy but no plasticky scent or taste.
What I Love…
  • It’s 100% Natural & 95 % Organic– safe for kids!
  • It has vitamin E, Shea Butter, Jojoba OIl.
  • Paraben and petrolatum free
  • It’s in a fun and super cute sphere shape packaging with a twist off cap that locks in place.
  • It is comfortable to hold and easy to open.
  • It goes on smoothly, not too thick, not gooey.. it doesn’t feel that you have something on.
  • It does softens, moisturizes and smoothens the lips without sticky feel.
  • Not Tested on animals, gluten free.
What I don’t love…
  • A bit on the pricey side. So i always buy in Twin or Multiple pack.
  • Not so long lasting.
I love this product. It is so cute, fun to use and very attractive.
Real Fruity scent that I couldn’t get enough of… Perfect for kids too!