Harajuku Lover’s Love Perfume Review

Hi my beautiful reders , here is my review of Harajuku Lover’s ‘Love’ perfume

Oh, Love. You’re sweet bubbled hair is filled with hearts…how can I not Love you? Love is the Harajuku Lover’s floral submission, with a list of flowery notes as long as my arm!

Thankfully there is no syrupy fruit in this fragrance, as I’ve had my fill of those in the last two days! Love starts out reasonably sweet, yet very fresh at the same time. A hint of bergamot accompanies some non-specific flowers in the opening; it has a very ‘spring time’ feel to it. Perfume Review - Harajuku Lover's 'Love'

A Love slowly develops there is a pretty mixture of pale, sheer jasmine and a hint of light rose. Neither of these notes are particularly dominant within Love, the florals do have a slightly generic feel about them but I like it’s softly romantic and dreamy quality.

Wearing love is like drinking pink lemonade in a garden full of barely blooming flowers, it has a nice dewy quality. To me Love smells very young and innocent, making it a perfect perfume for younger ladies just getting into fragrance. It’s not sophisticated, worldly or overly intelligent but none-the-less it’s pleasant and well groomed. Love, unfortunately, lacks staying power so I would definitely recommend layering over a body lotion.

In the latter stages Love develops a distinctly sweet, musky quality with a similar powderiness that I experienced with Baby. While it’s not going to break any rules or win over hard-core perfumistas it’s certainly something I would recommend to girls looking for their first perfume or equally if you’re looking for a more casual, light hearted fragrance for weekends. It’s a nice change to some of the more demanding scents I like to wear.

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