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Hand Therapy Nourishing and Softening Handscrub Review

Hand Therapy Nourishing and Softening Handscrub  Review

Hand Therapy Nourishing and Softening Handscrub  Review

They say a persons hands are the biggest giveaway to their age.

I know we may be able to fool people into thinking were ten years younger now with botoxinjections, fillers and face lifts but what’s the point if your hands tell your true age (cough, Madonna, cough).

So the question is how should we look after our mitts in order to prevent premature ageing?

Well, I’ve found a little Hand Therapy can help.

Since discovering this product I’ve quite literally been able to turn back the clock regarding my hand age.
Hand Therapy Nourishing and Softening Handscrub  Review1

Since having Lily I developed eczema, something I have never had before. At first it was horrific and my body was covered in huge red patches, even my face but now the only place it surfaces are on my hands which has caused some signs of premature ageing, eeek!!As a result I am now obsessed with hand treatments and Rituals answer to healthy, younger looking hands is one of the best products I’ve found to combat my condition and for keeping my hands looking great.I’ve been using the softening hand scrub twice a week for the past three months and the transformation really is amazing.

Bye,Bye dry, red and blotchy skin. Hello silky soft, glowing and younger looking hands.
Hand Therapy Nourishing and Softening Handscrub  Review2

Hand Therapy is designed to be used as an everyday scrub but due to my condition I’m weary about being too harsh on my skin.All you need is a pea sized amount of the gentle scrub which you apply to dry skin and massage all over the hands, then rinse off with warm water.The nourishing oils in the treatment will leave your hands looking, smelling and feeling simply amazing!

Hand Therapy in enriched with loads of good stuff including Ginseng and Ginkgo Biloba which have both been clinically proven to be anti-ageing, moisture balancing and circulation boosting ingredients.

I know us beauty addicts have enough scrubbing to do everywhere else but making the effort to exfoliate the skin on your hands too will give you great looking mitts and hopefully prevent Madge hands in the future.

I purchased this from Rituals for around £9 but have seen this week it’s on offer right now for just under a fiver, well worth it!