Halloween Costumes Inspired by This Year’s Iconic Moments

With Halloween drawing only closer and closer by, looking for the perfect costume becomes more of a challenging task. Of course, you’ll want to be unique and look more fun and interesting than last year(because we all know you’re only better than your last Halloween costume, right?) so you wearing the same dress twice in a row is just not acceptable (unless that’s your signature Halloween look or something). For those of you out there who still haven’t got a look to sport this year, check out these Halloween costumes inspired by this year’s inconic moments, especially in pop culture.


  • Maleficent – who could ever forget the movie that took the box office by storm that is Maleficent? Angelina Jolie has yet again proven that she is a versatile actress, taking on the role of Disney’s fiercest villain. If you’re planning on going as Maleficent to this year’s Halloween party, start mastering the art of contouring now as the makeup aspect of this look is a huge part of what makes it so iconic (next to the costume, that is).

Maleficent inspired costume

Maleficent poster Maleficent with wings gorgeous maleficent

  • Angelina Jolie in her wedding dress – and while we’re in the topic of getting inspired by Angelina Jolie for Halloween, how about going as the Maleficent star in her ever so controversial wedding dress? Jolie, who recently married long time partner Brad Pitt, wore a dress with her children’s doodles and drawings embroidered on it which sparked mixed reactions from people around the world, especially women. Some though it ruined the beautiful Versace dress while others thought it was a very unique way to show how much she loved her children and their family.

wedding dress back view wedding dress front view wedding dress magazine cover wedding dress sketch

  • Elsa / Anna from Frozen – yet another Disney-inspired costume idea comes from the movie Frozen. Take your pick between ice queen Elsa or cute and bubbly Anna and start scouting for dresses now! Of course, you can always dress up as Olaf if you’re looking for something goofy. Maybe Sven would even make a great look, then. Or the trolls?

Anna Frozen cosplay Anna Frozen Outfit Elsa cosplay costume Frozen Elsa costume mary kate and ashley as elsa and anna

  • Blood drenched Behati Prinsloo – Maroon 5 lead vocalist and hottie Adam Levine recently released a music video called ‘Animals’ with his wife, Behati Prinsloo and both of them were covered in blood in it so if you’re looking for something gore yet sexy and something you and your guy could dress up as this Halloween, this would make a really awesome look.

behati and adam

  • Anastasia Steele, bondage style – though the movie is yet to be released, I’m pretty sure you already have your own picture of how Anastasia Steele would look like when in BDSM mode so why not translate that into a Halloween costume? Of course, it’s up to you to tame down your look depending on the party you’re going to.

50 shades bdsm style sexy halloween costume bdsm 50 shades inspiration

  • Taylor Swift in Shake It Off – don’t you just love how upbeat Taylor Swift’s new song is? Aside from that, it’s filled with Halloween costume ideas as well. Not the scary, gore and creepy ones , though, but cute and fun looks that you can do for a last-minute look.

taylor swift 90s hip hop taylor swift cheerleader outfit taylor swift cheerleader taylor swift gymnast taylor swift hip hop taylor swift lady gaga taylor swift shake it off

  • Pizza delivery guy – remember when, at the Academy Awards, Ellen decided to order pizza and actually did? Well, wasn’t that fun? If you want something really easy to recreate, this one’s for you. Maybe you could even hand out some pizza, get friendly, you know?

pizza delivery guy

  • Colorful Cleopatra – Katy Perry’s colourful take on the classic Cleopatra look sure makes for a fabulous Halloween costume so if you have been looking for a showstopper to get you that Best Costume / Best Dressed award yet again, this is one of your best bets. Start making your costume now, though, since it looks like it could take a while to finish. And don’t forget to bling out your pearly whites!

egyptian queen katy katy perry dark horse makeup katy perry dark horse


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