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Hairstyles for Hot Weather

How to Wear Hair In Steamy Summer Season

It’s so hot and all you want to do is to reduce that sticky feeling of the season’s inevitable heat. You will love these hairstyles for hot weather. Here they are:

1. Posh Pixie. This hairstyle is currently donned by Miley Cyrus, Michelle Williams, Anne Hathaway and many more Hollywood personalities. A girl certainly feels cooler when she’s got shorter hair. To style it in a prim polish, dab an anti-frizz serum to wet hair, comb the way you like in a neat manner and blow dry right away or you can let the air dry it. As soon as it is dry, dab an oil-based serum from root to tip. Comb hair in style and you’re ready for the world.





2. Summer Ponytail. It’s time to be more casual and laid back especially during vacation. Lift some hair above your head in an easygoing way with a small brush. Gather strands for a ponytail and keep together with a trusted elastic band. To hide the elastic, wrap a piece of hair around it and tuck the ends below, keeping them intact with bobby pins. Subtly brush above the crown to tidy up any messed up strands.




3. Beach Waves. A little spritz of sea salt spray on dry hair will do for the first step. Next, twist 1-inch portions to create waves around your head. Mess up the twists a bit when already dry. Then, subtly tease a little portion of hair above your head and use bobby pins to secure them properly. Now you’ve got a natural look.



4. Chic Tousle. First, dab a volumizing mousse to the front portions. Second, blow dry and use fingers to pull hair away from your face while you dry it. Dab pomade to the front portions once they’re dry, lifting and pulling them to the top and to one side of your forehead.  For summer, this surely is one of the most cooling hairstyles ever.




5. Good Ole Bun. Create a middle part and pull all hair, except for the front two inches on either side. Curl up each of the remaining portions around your finger and tuck the ends into the bun with a bobby pins.