Hair History:



As you can see I’m very indecisive and changeable when it comes to my hair, I have been growing it for ages but often have urges to cut it off! I’ve had it lots of colours but now I’m trying to head back to something a lot more natural looking. Perhaps even to the point where there’s no dye in it at all! I’m trying to grow out the blonde in a way that creates an ombre effect. My hairdresser has been blending the natural roots and blonde together to create less of a root line.


Hair Inspiration:


Obviously I’m going for the more natural brown and blonde combinations, although I’m sure there’s a chance I might end up with the blonde ends turning red at some point! I know ombre has almost been over done but I like it and it suits what I need whilst I’m growing out the blonde! Now the only decision to make is fringe or no fringe………..



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