Hair Routine for Damaged Hair

My Hair Routine

I’m using tons of hair products since my hair got burnt so badly, due to chemicals of constant rebonding and hair coloring. It looks healthy though but when you scrutinize it especially the ends its pretty damaged. I started using Loreal products when my hair got burnt and they’re really good. Today, I’m going to share with you my everyday hair routine ,and the products Ive been using.

I use Tresemme Heat Tamer before blow drying my hair to protect against heat damage and keep it healthy.
Hair Tamer Spray

It works great! it leaves my hair so soft, silky and weightless.

Tresemme Heat Tamer 

I got mine at Robinsons Galleria and It only cost me 390php Good price for a VERY GOOD heat tamer isn’t? 😉

I also use these products before i blow dry my hair. it really has helped me fix my damaged hair.
L'Oreal Hair Product

L'Oreal Product

And oh i use Loreal Smooth-Intense as my shampoo and Loreal Total Repair as my conditioner
L'Oreal Serum

And Loreal Smooth Intense 1 minute Mask for DEEP CONDITIONING once a week, just to restore the moisture balance of your hair which stops breakage.

So, when im done blow is

Step 2: IRON MY HAIR WITH GHD straightener

Myy Hairs
Here’s my hair after i ironed it.


Keep your hair shiny and healthy with this treatment.
You need: Almond oil and coconut oil (just enough to massage into your hair)
1. Add almond oil with coconut oil
2. Apply it 20 minutes before you wash your hair.

I will post review about these products! SOON

  Loreal Smooth-Intense (Shampoo)
Loreal Total Repair (Conditioner)
       Loreal Smooth Intense 1 minute Mask