Hair Inspiration: Carey Mulligan An Education

I’m thinking of having my haircut fairly soon so I’ve been looking for some inspiration. I’m not really a fan of going to the hairdresser’s, as I chronicled here, so I’ve been putting it off for about three months now. I’ve chopped my own fringe to keep my barnet looking respectable but now it really needs a trim at the very least.
As for my inspiration; I really like 60s hair. The volume they had in their dos is right up my street as I have always had very thick hair. Here are a few examples:
Carey Mulligan hair inspiration
This is Carey Mulligan in An Education. I love her hair throughout the film, especially her fringe. It’s a full fringe but quite light so it can be worn to the side, as shown here, or full, as below.
2  Carey sports a beehive
Here Carey sports a beehive, a style which I love but am finding hard to recreate with my over-long hair. It’s just too heavy to stay in!
Another hair inspiration is Jean Shrimpton, famous British model from the sixties.
3 Carey  gentle up-flicks
I like the gentle up-flicks she wear and her fringe is the perfect frame for her face.
4  Carey gently swept over
Here the fringe has been replaced with a longer side version, gently swept over. Her hair is a lot finer than mine so I doubt mine could hold the style as well. Plus I think of the hairspray I’d need to keep it in shape all day. I just haven’t got the commitment.
5 jean shrimpton
And Jean again, full fringe, full-on volume, darker colour. I really like this style too.
Finally, Adele.
6 adele
I love Adele’s hair colour. She always has fantastic locks that are usually in a beehive. She has a lovely face and her eye makeup is gorgeous. Fantastic lashes too, regardless of if they’re real.
Any ideas?

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