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Hairstyles For Summer

Three of Summer’s Hottest Do’s

For this year’s summer hairstyles , we see lots of messy updos, quirky buns, crazy braids, loose strands, hot bangs, pixie cuts, wild bobs, and volume volume volume. Girls can’t just get enough of them all and hair stylists are probably racing up and down the lists for the most unique dos they can make for their clients. Nothing looks easy but the results look oh so effortless, you would never have thought it took more than three minutes to finish a hairstyle. What dos it take to learn all these hot and fashionable hair tips? Effort, and it comes with a flair for hair and looking good.

1. Bedroom hair is so in for summer. Brigitte Bardot’s hair is the perfect example and volume is it’s trademark. Think beehive with headwrap. Hair should be soft and looking sexy. First, separate your hair into more than four portions. Wrap every portion around a large-barreled curling iron, letting the ends loose out without a care. Hold one portion in the iron for some ten seconds, then remove it and pin the curled hair above your head.  Finish with hair spray, but not the strong hold type. Do the same step with every portion. If it’s time to take down every portion, do so carefully. Rake fingers through hair to loosen up the curls. Mess up your roots with your fingertips to get that straight-from-bed volume.






2. Side Braids. Swoop hair loosely to the left or right shoulder and divide into three pats for a basic side braid. When almost near the ends, secure with a good elastic band and tug on the curves of the braid to make it bigger. And there you have it, a side baid!







3. Headwrap/headband Fashion. It’s not just about the accessory. It’s how you put them on that really matters. Gather hair to the back of your head and tie up with elastic band. Think whether you’d like to show some strands or hide them all in. You may also try wearing it like a headband, but you’d have to knot the end of the fabric at the back. You can do it in many ways. Be creative.