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Hair colour Adventures

HI ! so i was looking through my pictures & thought man, I’ve had quite a few hair colours and styles, now im not the now which is adventurous with my hair. I’ve never really had a lot cut off apart from this one time i had a full fringe on the first photo.

hair color changes (1)
 after having black and brown hair i thought it was time to go blonde. In February 2013 i had blonde highlights put all in my hair, on the pictures below are before and after color changes (2)
After being blonde for a while i wasn’t too keen on it for my self, although i wished i liked it because my boyfriend preferred blonde hair on me. But my hair started to get all frizzy & started falling out like crazy so i thought if i was to dye it back brown it might stop, so i dyed it brown & i actually did a blog post on this hair colourhair color changes (4)
 After couple of weeks the colour started to wash out & instead of having brown hair it turned this horrible yellow colour, so i used the silver shampoo to get the rid of the yellowness & it went back to blonde, it wasn’t as bright blonde as when i had it done but it just looked dark color changes (3)
 After all of these colours i got bored of having light hair so i wanted to go dark brown & personally i love brown hair it makes me look so much better and i don’t think i will be changing it any time soon.
this is my current hair color changes (5)

what colour is your favourite?

i love being brown & i think its the best colour for me.