Hair Colors to Try for Summer

School’s out, summer’s in! This means you’re finally free to get some color on your hair that would otherwise be banned from school. Getting some color on your hair is one creative way to express yourself and your own personal style. It’s also a cool way to spice up your look. I know a lot of women who hold off on dyeing their hair a different color because they’re afraid of the commitment that comes with it but there are actually plenty ways to dye your hair without having to commit to it for a long time. There are lots of temporary hair color formulas out there that can be washed off by the end of the day so those are perfect if you’re either afraid of sticking to a whole new color or you just want to try as many colors on your hair as you can before summer ends. Speaking of trying out new hues, check out these hair colors to try for summer and tell us which one(s) you would love to sport!

  • Orange – everybody’s going crazy with orange this summer and everyone’s saying ‘orange is the new black’ (though we’re pretty sure that’s also because of the new hot TV series with the same title) so why not give this bright, fun color a try? Orange hair is unusual and definitely unique and if you’re the kind who likes to stand out, this color is definitely for you!

bright orange hair

almost neon orange

  • Pink – another unconventional hair color to try this summer is pink. We’ve seen pink hair on celebs like Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and America’s Next Top Model Cycle 18’s winner Sophie Sumner and we love how it looks great on any skin tone. Bubble gum pink is a great color to go for if you’re a girly girl while a deeper and darker pink is more ideal if you want something that looks more grown up.

fairy pink hair chic pink hair

  • Rose gold – like pink but think it’s too ‘childish’ for your classy style? Why not try doing rose gold on your hair for size? It’s a much more elegant and classier take on pink hair and it’s totally wearable as an everyday hair color. Rose gold hair is almost like a copper tone with a bit of pink lavishly mixed into it. it’s very feminine and definitely one-of-a-kind, too. if you’re going for this color, have a professional do it for you. They know what colors to mix to get you the perfect rose gold hue.

classy rose gold rosegold hair color

  • Bronde – blonde hair can be such a pain to take care of in the summer months but it’s so beautiful that sometimes it can be so hard to let go of and change. If you love blonde hair but want less responsibility for the maintenance, try going bronde. It’s a combination of being brunette and blonde and upkeep for this hair color is much easier. It’s perfect for those who love blonde but hate having to stress over hair care.

beautiful bronde wavy bronde hair

  • Jet black – jet black hair is so sexy you don’t even have to do anything to it to make it look good. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance hair color for summer, go black. It’s much easier to go from a lighter color to a darker one and it’s so much faster too. The only downside, though, is that if can be quite a challenge to use dry shampoo on hair as dark as jet black.

black hair for summer shiny jet black hair


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