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Hair and Makeup Tips for Prom

Getting ready for prom? I bet you’re excited! Prom is one of the most exciting events in school that many students, especially the girls, get very excited for. It’s one of the few times that you get to dress up and get dolled up, have fun with your friends and party all night. If you’re already planning out your look for the day, make sure to check out these hair and makeup tips for prom.

  • USE YOUR RESOURCES – nowadays, it’s so much easier to know what’s hot and what’s not. Everything you need to know about hair, makeup and even fashion trends are basically at your fingertips so make sure to make the most out of your resources to find the best looks to use as your inspiration. Peek through magazines, browse through the internet, follow the most stylish people – all these will help you be inspired by the best of the best looks.

cute updo

fun side braid

  • SET APPOINTMENTS EARLY – if you’re getting your hair and makeup done by a makeup artist, make sure to set appointments early. You don’t want to be setting appointments the last minute when every other hair and makeup artist is already fully booked.

20s flapper inspired hair and makeup simple hair and makeup

  • MAKE SURE YOUR MAKEUP IS PHOTO-READY – there will be lots of picture-taking at prom, for sure, so you have to make sure your makeup is photo ready. Avoid using any face products with SPF as those tend to leave a white cast on your face is photos. Matte is a must and ultra shimmery and glittery makeup are a no-no. Go a little heavier on your makeup, too, because light makeup won’t show up well with flash photography.

heavy makeup contour messy bun and cute makeup

  • GET SOME TEXTURE ON YOUR HAIR – sleek, straight hair can be really sexy but it’s prom night so give your hair a more romantic look by adding texture on it like waves or curls. Not only will it make your hair look more girly, it will also add volume to your hair which can really be flattering.

cute hair and makeup look simple 'do for long bob

  • MATCH YOUR HAIR WITH YOUR DRESS – no, you don’t have to dye your hair the same color as your dress. What I mean by this is to do a hairstyle that will look best with the kind of neckline your dress has. A strapless dress, for example, will really stand out and pop if you have your lovely locks cascading down the sides while a dress with a high neckline will look fab with hair that’s done in an updo. Check out the photo below for more details.

hair and neckline guide fluffy bun and fab makeup