Guide to Wearing Revealing Clothes

Revealing clothes are not considered the epitome of class and elegance. But looking sexy at the same time classy can still be achieved by keeping the balance on your looks. If you’ve ever been tempted by a sheer top or slightly risqué dress, read our guide first on wearing revealing clothes, so you’ll pull them off properly.

  1. When wearing a revealing neckline, go conservative on your hemline.

red v neck jumpsuit

white V-neck jumpsuit V-neck dress with metallic leggings and coat V neck silk top with black skirt

Maybe you can show off your cleavage in a classy way. However, you don’t want to turn heads for the wrong reasons. So, maintain some sense of balance, by keeping your bottom hemlines modest since your top is low cut. Like fashion blogger Nicole Warne, you may go for a v-neck jumpsuit or maxi dress to maintain a sense of modesty below. To show off your cleavage modestly, try a slip dress that just grazes the bust or falls into a low “V” shape at the center of the bust. Like street style star Christine Centenera, you may so for a deep V-neck dress and keep everything modest like topping your dress with a coat and wearing leggings and lace-up boots with it.

  1. Dare to show off your legs when wearing a demure neckline.

distressed-jeans-with-leather-jacket-and-button-down-shirt white coat with strappy sandals sweater and cut off shorts with knee high boots shorts with preppy top pleated skirt with palid shirt orange slit dress with chunky sandasl navy turtleneck slit dress with silver pumps gladiator sandals with sheer black dress

Maybe you can show a bit of leg without starting a controversy. An extremely short skirt or is usually not appropriate in most situations, but they can certainly be worn during the warm seasons when temperatures are unbearable. It can be ideal with a more substantial on top. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, you may think of a distressed pair of denim jeans with holes exposing your legs to make it a bit unexpected and daring while keeping it balanced with a leather jacket and button-down shirt.

  1. Wear high-waist bottoms with your crop tops.

cropped top with high waist midi skirt metallic silver crop top with midi skirt and classic pumps

Crop tops are midriff-baring tops that you must be worn with high-waist skirt or pants. Like fashion blogger Jessica Ricks, glam up your party looks by going for a metallic silver matching set of a crop top and a high-waist skirt while keeping your feminine and demure feel. This way, you’ll look much sexier and interesting compared to showing everything you’ve got in an overly sexy and inappropriate outfit.

  1. Resort to a blazer and a conservative bottom when wearing bralette or bandeau top.

bandeau top with turquoise blazer and pants bralette-with-checkered-midi-skirt bralette-with-blazer-and-white-pants-and-peep-toe-sandals bralette-with-blazer-and-high-waist-pants

More revealing than a crop top, bralette and bandeau top show your cleavage and midriff most of the time, so you may think of topping it with a blazer to keep your classy feel. Like fashion blogger Micah Gianneli, stick to the elegant fabrics, classic colors, and sleek ensembles to give you a cohesive look. You may also wear a statement necklace with your outfit to avoid your cleavage getting too much attention. This way, you’ll look classy in a sexy and ladylike statement.

  1. Show off your shoulders or back for a classy yet sexy look.

backless top with skinny jeans tube top with cobalt blue pants off shoulder tunic top with pants green sequin evening gown geometric print polka dots jumpsuit with blue mini bag

If you’re looking for a more demure statement, then simply show your back or shoulders instead of your cleavage, legs, or midriff. Like Nicole Warne, spice up your street style with a backless top worn with a black pair of skinny jeans, or wear an off-shoulder tunic with a pair of dressy pants. This way, you’ll look more ladylike and classy without giving much effort.

  1. Only wear a revealing neckline and a shorter hemline together when you’ve got enough cover.

embellished sheer dress  with structured bag

The key to wearing any type of sheer garment is to layer it over a non-sheer item. A mesh dress looks adorable over a miniskirt and a sleek top. Like fashion blogger Blair Eadie, look sexy and classy with a sheer dress worn with non-sheer short dress perfect for a night out clubbing with your friends.

Try not to take too much inspiration from celebrities, who often dress for the cameras. Even if it’s trendy and hot, remember to dress for yourself and for your own comfort. By following our guide, you can now wear revealing clothes in an elegant, confident manner that exudes style.

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