Guide on Choosing a Quality Fur Coat

A fur coat is a luxury investment that can make your style glamorous while keeping you warm in the colder months. Whether you wish to add a statement to your cold weather outfits, or simply wish to invest in a wardrobe essential that will keep you warm in the winter, keep on reading for our guidelines on choosing a quality fur coat.

Determine your budget and look for the best quality coat you can afford.

fur coat with neon top and patent leather pants

zipped dress with camel fur coat grunge outfit with fur coat

Know how much you can afford to spend, and buy the highest quality coat you can afford. While quality mink coats tend to be expensive, you can look for other high-quality furs such as sheared beaver at a cheaper price. Though designer fur coats are indeed expensive yet believed to be high-quality, you have to train your eye on choosing fur coats so you won’t pay just for the brand name. Many department store fur salons and a few independently owned stores have very similar selections and prices as a result. Check out, as well.

Choose the right fur type.

fur coat with jeans white fur coat with leather trousers fur coat with winter outfit

You may go with rabbit, fox, sable, or chinchilla if you’re selecting a trendy design. However, consider warm wolf or coyote if you’re planning to wear your fur coat for outdoor activities in cold weather. When shopping for a fur coat, look for sable that originated in Russia and lynx pelts that originate from North America. Also, think of purchasing a fox fur from Finland and beaver furs from Canada.

Check the tag for the origin of the fur.

colorful fur coat with grunge outfit ripped jeans with fur coat fur coat with tank top and cut off shorts

Before buying any fur-related item, check the label. Leather or skin is a giveaway that it’s real, while fake fur typically has a fabric backing. A quality coat should list where the fur originated from, and the highest quality coats will have fur that originates from certain countries. If you’re looking for a mink coat, check whether the tag says it comes from USA, Denmark, or Finland which are the finest, while mink coats from Norway, Sweden, China, Canada, and Russia come next. Also, check the tag for the manufacturing location as the highest quality coats often come from Europe and North America.

Examine the construction of a coat before purchasing it.

leather trousers with winter fur coat and over the knee boots fur coat with boot cut pants black fur coat with casual outfit

Remember, not all faux fur is created equal, so you must know what to look for in a quality, well-made piece. Most quality furs have an open hem at the bottom of the lining so you can examine it well. Take note how clean the stitches are, and whether or not any fur got caught between the stitches. Ask how much leather is included in the coat to create the most accurate assessment. By following our guidelines, you’ll be able to get a high quality fur coat that will stand the test of time.

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