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Guerlain Les Meteorites in 02 Pink Fresh Review , swatches

Guerlain Les Meteorites in 02 Pink Fresh Review , swatches

Guerlain, to me, symbolises the epitome of luxury cosmetics. The packaging is stunning, opulent and sometimes a little over the top…but in a good way. The Les Meteroites powders have been around for a long time, with limited edition shades coming out in frequent intervals. #02 Pink Fresh was part of the permanent line, although it’s no longer on the Guerlain website I have still seen it displayed on Australian Guerlain counters so perhaps it’s on it’s way out? I think this may have been superseded by the Meteorites Perles Teint Rose #01, which is featured on the Gurlain website.Guerlain-Les-Meteorites-in-02-Pink-Fresh

The Les Meteorites powders are essentially a container of solid powder balls in mixed shades. Designed to be swept over the face they impart a soft glow, some with a hint of colour and others without. Pink Fresh contains a mixture of pale pink, rosy pink and peachy pink powder balls.Guerlain-Les-Meteorites-in-02-Pink-Fresh-Review-swatches

On the skin Pink Fresh is a little too pigmented to use all over the face, so I use it as a blush. However, even on my porcelain skin Pink Fresh is a very sheer blush so I imagine it would be OK for all over use on deeper skin tones. The shade of all the powder balls mixed together is a warm rosy pink.Guerlain-Les-Meteorites-in-02-Pink-Fresh-Review-

Pink Fresh has a pretty shine to it, giving the skin a healthy glow. Pink is generally used to brighten the skin so Pink Fresh is great for giving dull skin a lift, the pink will breath life back into tired, sallow skin.Guerlain-Les-Meteorites-in-02-Pink-Fresh-Review-swatchGuerlain-Les-Meteorites-in-02-Pink-Fresh-picture

The Meteorites range has several shades, with a limited release each year. They’re quite expensive, the Australian retail price is about $110ish but they will last you a long time. If you’re looking for a more versatile shade there is both a Beige and Neutral shade which would make a great allover glow shade.