Guerlain from Marionnaud Haul

Hi Just a quick post of what I recently picked from Marionnaud Grand sale at Mall of Asia!
I’ll give a review and give you the swatches of each product as soon as I can.
For now, I’ll just show you how they look like and my initial thoughts about them.
1 Guerlain haul
My favorite pick is the Guerlain Teracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer (Allure’s Top Products), you probably all know that I love to contour and bronze as I have a ghostly round face.
2 Guerlain Teracotta 4 Seasons Bronzer
I can’t resist on how glamorous the packaging is and the texture of the powder, it is so soft and smooth almost creamy. 
I got the shade No. 02 Brunette, it has 4 different shades that you can use individually or blended together, depending on the season, your skin tone, and the effect you want to create. 
I think this will be my favorite bronzer and contour powder these coming days, it’s not orangey, not muddy, and is really great for adding warmth and giving a bronzed tan glow. It’s not shimmery or glittery which I LOVE!!!!! 
Guerlain is one of the expensive brand of make-up, I am so happy that I was able to snag these babies at much reasonable price. I got the 4 Seasons Bronzer for PHP 1,825 (approx $40) from 3,650 (approx $80) thanks to the 50% less discount. Great Deal! It comes with a velvet pouch, which is totally gorgeous!
I also picked up 2 Guerlain Rouge G Lipsticks, too bad some of the best seller shades are out of stock. I’m happy that I was able to snag some of the last pieces. I wouldn’t buy this babies unless they’re on sale.. I will never spend PHP 2,000++ for a lipstick that’s ridiculous. But since it’s on sale why not try it.. It’s nearly priced as mac lipstick Php1000 ($20) when it’s on sale. 
Rouge G Le Brillant Discounted Price:  PHP 1,175 (approx $26) Original Price: 2,350 (approx $53) 
Rouge G Discounted Price: PHP 1,250 (approx $28) Original Price: $2,500 (approx $57)
3 Guerlain  #61 Brenda from Le Brillant
I chose the shade #61 Brenda from Le Brillant~ a coral pink with slight and barely noticeable shimmer. It is considerably sheer, but pigmented enough to cover the natural color of my lips.
4 Guerlain Rouge G #06 in Garance
And Rouge G #06 in Garance– a plum pink.. LOVE!
Rouge G- has a mirror built in and the cap is magnetized. The case has no flat surface though.
5 Guerlain Le Stylo Lip Liner
I don’t usually wear lip liner with my lipstick, except for those times that I want to look fierce and wear intense color like red to keep it from bleeding. So I chose the perfect shade that will match almost all of my red lippies Guerlain Le Stylo Lip Liner #24 Rouge Dahlia
I have tried it on my lips, and I just love its texture, very well pigmented, soft, creamy and not drying.
I just wish I bought the other shades too.. 
Discounted Price: PHP 800 (approx $18) Original Price: PHP 1600 (approx $36)
I also got the Guerlain Teracotta Gloss in #07 Salsa, because of the Luview Glossy kiss (you can check my review here), my love affair with the lip glosses came back again. When I tried and applied the Guerlain gloss on my lips, I just can’t help but take this baby with me.. like my Luview glossy kiss this gloss isn’t thick and sticky.. Oh, and together with the fab packaging, I think I’m in love. 
Discounted Price: PHP 740 (approx $16) Original Price PHP1,480 (approx $33)
6 Guerlain Automatique lipsticks
I also took 3 Guerlain Automatique lipsticks. Like the rouge G’s they have an amazing texture, super creamy and soft almost buttery on lips plus the glamorous gold packaging! How can you resist taking home these babies?! I am just sad that I wasn’t able to get the 122-Liu shade that I really really want.
Here I got the Rouge G #101 Voilette of Madame, #163 Rose Bengale and #168 L’Heure Bleu.
Discounted Price: PHP 1,100 (approx $25) Original Price PHP2,200 (approx $50)
That’s it, I am so excited to play with these babies.. 
 Stay tuned for the swatches and FOTDs!
And oh BTW, Guerlain Marionnaud are still on sale, so if you’re planning to try Guerlain Products, this is the best time. 
Hurry until supplies last.

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