Grown Up Ways to Wear Pink

Many of us have loved the color pink since we were young girls up until today. It’s a very pretty and girly color that’s often associated with being cute and being feminine. It’s something that’s very popular with women when it comes to beauty, style and fashion. In fact, products in pink always seem to sell more quickly compared to the same products in other colors. As you mature, though, you’ll find that pink will look a little too babyish for you. if you’ve grown to love pink and don’t want to ever stop loving this color but don’t want to look like a six year old dressed in Barbie pink from head to toe, check out these grown up ways to wear pink and see how you can continue your love affair with this pretty color while still look fab and chic.

  • On your lips – pink lipstick is one sure way to wear pink with sophistication (and a lot of it!). Pink is a lip color that anyone can rock. There are plenty of shades of pink lipsticks from many different brands so all you have to do is find the perfect one for you. Tinted pink lip gloss is another way to wear pink in a more grown up way. Wear it on days when you don’t feel like putting on a lot of products on your face or if you just want to go for a lighter and more natural look.

blake lively pink lipstick

hot pink lipstick

  • Pink prints – if you think wearing solid, plain pink on your clothes makes you look like you’re in high school all over again, you can give your pink outfits a more mature twist by going for printed pieces in pink. Pink florals, for example, are a great way to wear pink with a more grown up vibe. Pink stripes are a great way to add a nice twist to a classic print and pink polka dots are perfect if you want something girly and quirky.

striped pink dress floral button up shirt

  • Accessorize in pink – another subtle and grown up way to wear pink is to accessorize with it. Pink makes a great pop of color if you’re wearing a plain and simple outfit. Use it to break up a monochromatic outfit in another color or use it to create contrast for an outfit that features another hue. Rose gold metal accessories are great if you’re looking for an elegant way to accessorize in pink. You can also choose pink diamonds or pink crystals if you want to wear this color on your jewelry.

pink printed scarf pink pumps shoes

  • Wear it with dark colors – dark colors often make you look too mature so if you want to create an outfit that perfectly balances that young and grown up look, why not wear dark colors with pink? This color combination creates wonderful contrast and it also makes the pink color really pop against the dark color.

black pink and gold neon pink necklace

  • Wear it on your hair – if you love creating statement looks all the time, here’s an idea for you: up your street style game a notch and dye your hair pink. It’s very fun, flirty and a little rebellious. Pink is not a color that everyone would wear on their hair in a heartbeat so it’s great if you like looking unique.

pink hairstyle lovely pink har

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