Grown Up Ways to Wear Pink

Even if it’s not your favorite color today, I’m pretty sure you went through a phase when you were crazy over the color pink. Pink is a color almost everyone loved as a little girl and because of this, the color is often associated with being cute and young. As you mature, though, you venture out to more styles and try out new colors and you might even forget about the love affair you had with pink when you were a little girl as you discover other beautiful hues out there. On days when you want to feel extra dainty and feminine, though, I know a lot of you still turn to pink even if sometimes it makes you look and feel a little too young (and not necessarily in the best of ways). If you still find yourself going back to this color, check out these grown up ways to wear pink.

  • Softer shades – if you think the common shades of pink are too girlish for you and you’re looking for a shade of pink that you can wear to get that more grown up and mature look, you can always turn to old rose. This shade of pink is very sophisticated and chic and is perfect for those who are looking for a softer version of the rather bold color. Other ‘mature’ shades of pink include rose, blush and carnation.

soft blush outfit

soft shades of pink

  • Pink blazer – give your work wardrobe a little pop of color by wearing a pink blazer on top of your regular neutral office outfits. This will give your outfit that nice and girly touch without making you look like you’re six.

summer pink blazer pink blazer outfit

  • Pink dress – you used to wear pink dresses as a kid so why stop now? To get a more mature look, however, make sure that you choose a dress with a more structured silhouette and a more mod design. A pink shift dress, for example, is sure to make you look super gorgeous and polished compared to if you were to wear a pink baby doll dress.

hot pink shift dress simple pink dress outfit

  • Pink scarf – think your outfit looks a little too bland with just neutral colors in the palette? Why not give it a quick pick me up and throw on that cute pink scarf? This is one surefire way to wear pink with a grown up touch.

neon pink scarf light pink floral scarf

  • Pink heels – haven’t you always dreamt of copying Barbie’s outfits when you were little? Those sexy miniskirts, cute tops and, of course, those stunning pink pumps! You couldn’t wear them back in the day because mom said you were too young for heel so now’s your chance to get your Barbie on! Go ahead and get yourself a pair of pink pumps and wear them on date nights or with any outfit that needs a bit of color in it.

pink pumps and cute dress pink valentino rock stud pumps

  • Pink coat – for a really grown up and sophisticated way to wear pink (and any shade of pink at that), why not try on a pink coat? I find that trench coats and pea coats work best for getting that ladylike look but any other coat style will work, too.

cute pink coat coat for fall


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