Great Deal: Sonia Kashuk Brushes at Target

I have heard so much about Sonia Kashuk brushes that I had to take a little trip to Target this past weekend to check them out for myself. I picked up this brush to use to apply my liquid foundation. I dislike using sponges because I feel like they soak up too much of the foundation and it’s wasted…

First, let me say that the bristles are SO soft! The display has “sample” brushes out so you can really feel the bristles before you purchase…gotta love Tarjzay! With this brush, I only have to use a little bit of foundation for each application. I dip the bristles into my foundation and dot it all over my face, then “buff” the foundation all over for an airbrushed look.



The bristles are very dense, so you don’t get a streaky look, and it helps the foundation just melt into your skin. I know this is called a blusher brush, but I will definitely use it only for foundation! It also works well if you use a mineral powder foundation as well, but I would recommend getting two brushes then, one for liquid and creams, and one for powder. The price is great at $14.99, especially for the quality. With proper care, this brush should last a long time.

Right below this brush, I found:



It is called the Sonia Kashuk Access Highlighting Brush, but looks and feels just like the MAC 187! Apparently Target is launching a new spring line for Sonia Kashuk called Access, so it was on sale for only $11.69. I am not sure what the original price was, and it is not available on their website yet. I know a lot of people use this for applying foundation, but I find it is perfect for blush and bronzer.



It is super soft and has good density. I don’t have a MAC 187, so I really cannot do a side by side comparison of it. All I know is I love it, and should have bought two! I am going to have to make another trip over to Target and pick up another one…here is one more picture:



Love these brushes! High quality at an affordable price! Check out your local Target for all of Sonia Kashuk brushes, or go here.


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