Grace Kelly Inspired Hairstyle

Grace Kelly Inspired Hairstyle

Recently I had the exciting opportunity to fly to Sydney with my lady pals Tine and Val to a little pampering and hair-lovin’ courtesy of Barney Martin and P&G. The event was for us lucky bloggers to test out the new Pantene Nature Fusion range, Clairol Nice’n Easy Foam hair colour (of which I didn’t partake due to my recent colour change) and the Wella Pro Series styling range. After a brief intro to the products we were left in the hands of some very capable hair stylists for a wash and style session. My style request? Lots of shape and curls please!

The Style: Products in action

After having a wash and semi-dry, my hair was smothered in the Wella Pro Series Max Hold mouse, dried further and then curled with a conical wand. The curls were pinned to my head to allow them to dry further and were set with the matching Max Hold hairspray. I was left to swan around the salon looking like this…

Stylists tip: If you have trouble with getting volume at the roots of your hair (as I do with my flat-as-a-pancake hair) start curling the top section first and curl upwards. Pin the curls on top, rather than on the sides of your head and this will create lift and height.


After allowing the hair to cool completely (this further sets the curls and will give your style greater longevity) my curls were unwound and tousled until they formed a springy halo of prettiness. Cue more Max Hold hair spray – they used A LOT of this stuff!

Result: 50s-inspired curls ala Grace Kelly

Grace-Kelly-Inspired-Hairstyles Grace-Kelly-Inspired-Hairstylea

My curly look vs Tine’s chic blow-out.

Taken a few hours later (on my iPhone, so apologies for the crappy quality) once the curls had softened and dropped a little…


The range: something for everyone

The range consist of three ‘levels’ of hold: Volume, Strong Hold and Mac Hold and each has a mousse and hair spray. The products are $7.99AUD per item, so they certainly wont break the bank! This range aims to bridge the gap between professional styling products and the wider public consumer base.

Grace-Kelly-Inspired-Hairstylec Grace-Kelly-Inspired-Hairstyle back

What I liked:

– Despite the fact that my stylist used a momentous amount of product my curls were still soft and touchable – no crunchy hair here!
– The curls lasted ALL DAY – which for my hair is nothing short of a miracle!
– The products smelled nice and weren’t too sticky or heavy for my fine hair
– They’re very affordable!

What I didn’t like:

– Nothing much really, the products were good. My only complaint was that the range is very small, it would have been good to see products other than just a mousse and hair spray – perhaps a shine product, texture spray etc

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