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Got2Be Salt Spray review

Got2Be Salt Spray

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Hi beauties here is my Got2Be Salt Spray review!

I love a good salt spray, i like to pretend i have had a glorious day beside the say and come away with beach babe tousled hair. That doesnt happen, if i am near the sea, i just end up with crazy huge hair, no jokes, so instead i have to create the image. I picked this up on a whim as it was on offer at £2, and the fact it claims to give mermaid like hair – er hello, who doesnt want that?

This is my first experience with the brand, so its a huge bottle, and the packaging is a bit…young? but it is definitely fun and summery and obviously there is some sort of beach theme. So, the product itself has quite a nice smell, it does transport me to the seaside. However, the spray motion isn’t so much a fine mist as full on spray, so i do have to sort my hair, otherwise i end up with some salt matted sections, i also find it a bit sticky. When it is finally in my hair, it does work lovely, gives a nice finish and a bit of texture into my lack lustre hair.

Overall, for £2 this is nice, i wouldn’t pay any more as the hassle for making sure i dont end up with crispy hair is not worth it. So overall i find this an average spray and i am yet to have mermaid hair…