Gosh Maskara Review

A pleasant day ladies! Ok so finally here’s that GOSH review I promised about 3 weeks back! I picked up 3 for 2 when Superdrug were having an offer on all GOSH cosmetics. I’m quite new to the world of GOSH but I think I’ll be getting even more acquainted with them now I know they’re cruelty free. YAY!


Gosh Maskara

First up is the mascara, I am very fussy when it comes to mascara and I’ve always used Dior’s DiorShow because it has a really thick wand (which I love) and it really makes my lashes look super dooper long! I don’t just like length I like volume too, so like I said very fussy when it comes to mascara. What I like about the GOSH counter in my local Superdrug is that it has this ‘wheel’ with all their mascaras pictured and what their main benefits are. So I went for the ‘Lengthening 2 step mascara with Revival serum’. The revival serum (step 1) is supposedly designed to nourish and rejuvenate lashes, and should really be used at night, although it can be used as a base for your mascara.


Gosh Mascara’s revival serum

The mascara (step 2) is designed to lengthen the lashes so they appear longer and fuller. I personally like to apply 2 coats of mascara as I feel it makes so much difference. The wand is much smaller than I usually go for but it delivers on adding length to my lashes so it does what it says, which is all I expect!


Gosh Maskara step-2


See the results below!


before applying Gosh maskara



after applying Gosh Maskara


with Gosh Maskara on

I actually like this mascara, I’ll be honest I’ve only really used the serum as a base coat as I am quite forgetful but I think I will give it a go tonight. I do find that it makes the mascara application much more even and balanced though so it certainly serves a purpose. Would I buy this mascara again? Definitely, although I really want to get to know this range better so plan to try out all their mascaras at some point lol!
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