Gorgeous Outfit Ideas for a Weekend Getaway

Planning on going on a weekend getaway soon? I don’t blame you. This lovely summer weather is the perfect time to be outdoors and travelling all the time. I personally love travelling to new places, even if it’s just for the weekend, whenever I can but if there’s one thing that gets to me the most about it, it’s packing. I always try to pack lightly but you know how it is. Us girls just want to take everything in our closets. You know… just in case. Anyway, if you’re struggling to get some packing done for your trip, here are a few gorgeous outfit ideas for a weekend getaway.

  • SEASIDE TRIP – for a quick trip to quaint seaside town, you can wear a nice and light white dress for the day then throw on a cute denim jacket at night. Finish off your look with comfy flats for a laidback finish or opt for something a bit bolder and more dramatic like lace up sandals, gladiator style shoes or even statement heels. Don’t forget to bring your hat, sunglasses and your beach bag, of course, as well as a bikini set or two.

seaside outfit idea

seaside outfit cute pink sandals

  • BIG CITY TRIP – if you’re going to the big city for the weekend, wear and pack something comfy and convenient. A slightly oversized top or a dressy one and skinny jeans or thick leggings paired with either flats or sneakers would make a great ensemble for when you’re exploring the city for countless hours. Don’t forget to bring a sling bag or a satchel to keep your arms free while you go shopping!

big city comfy outfit big city shirt and jeans outfit

  • POSH SPA ESCAPE – going on a spa escapade with your girl friends? Make sure to pack clothes that are going to make you look even more glowing after a day of pampering. Destination spas are hot right now and aside from the spa itself, there are often lots of other things you can do within the premises so dressing well and looking chic is important. A romper and heels along with a fabulous hat is an outfit that has a nice balance between fun and posh.

spa outfit tropical romper spa floral romper outfit

  • BACKPACKING TRIP – backpacking has always been one of the most fun ways to see new places. Aside from being really inexpensive, another great thing about backpacking is how low-key it is. A few shirts, comfy shorts and sneakers are basically what you need to last all weekend long. Of course, being the fashionista that you are, you can also accessorize to make basic looks more fabulous.

backpacking in style backpacker glam look

  • COUNTRY GETAWAY – whether it’s for a family visit or a wine-tasting date, a country getaway is always a good idea. Fit in and put on your country charm with denim and lace or get a little bit more chic and glam with a crop top and a maxi skirt. Either way, you’ll look gorgeous while enjoying your time at the country side.

country charm outfit country look


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