Gorgeous New Ways to Wear Leather

Leather is a sleek fabric and anything leather would make a great addition to any closet. I’m betting that most of you reading this have at least one or two leather items in your closet. It could be a really nice leather jacket or a gorgeous leather bag. In the winter, leather gets pretty popular but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it all year round. The secret to wearing leather outside of winter, of course, lies in the style of a certain piece. Check out these gorgeous new ways to wear leather, be it in the winter or just for everyday looks.

  • PLEATED LEATHER SKIRT – a pleated leather skirt is the perfect leather piece to wear if you’re torn between channeling a sweet and edgy vibe and you just want a balanced look between the two. Wear it with a dressy top for a chic and edgy everyday street style look or go a little bit more towards the edgy side and wear it with a leather jacket and moto boots for a kickass bad gal look.

pleated black leather skirt

pleated leather skirt outfit pleated gray leather skirt

  • LEATHER CROP TOP – I know it’s winter time but let me tell you one thing: this is the best time to go searching for summer staples like crop tops because 1) they’ll be really inexpensive and 2) there will be a lot to choose from since no one else is buying them. Reserve your leather crop top for next summer or start wearing it underneath a fancy, sassy outerwear – either way, it’s a great way to spice up your style.

crop top and high waisted skirt crop top and maxi skirt crop top leather in brown

  • MIXED TEXTURES – getting bored of doing the same leather look all the time? Pick out a leather piece that has another kind of fabric with a different texture with it. It could be a leather jacket with a shearling trim or a leather vest with fur piping details. The added texture will give your look more depth and dimension and will surely make it more interesting.

mixed texture jacket leather patchwork jacket leather and fur

  • LEATHER JOGGER PANTS – take your everyday jogger pants to the next level by switching them up with leather ones. The slouchy look and feel of jogger pants and the sleekness of leather makes for the perfectly balanced outfit that you can wear every day. If you’re getting into the athleisure trend, this is a definite must try for you.

jogger pants outfit jogger pants in leather jogger pants and sweater outfit jogger pants and chambray shirt

  • PRINTED LEATHER – another way to spice up your everyday ordinary leather look is to go for printed or patterned leather. If you’re not 100% sure about going for this, you can try a printed leather accessory first, like a purse or shoes, then move on to clothes like jackets and pants.

snakeskin leather skirt printed red leather jacket printed leather jacket

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