Gorgeous Metallic Items to Wear to Holiday Parties

Holiday parties are perfect for channeling out your inner diva and just going all out on your festive look. If your style is nowhere near loud or bold or attention-grabbing, however, you may find most holiday party outfit guides out there to be a little too much, suggesting you to wear glitters and sequins and all things shiny and sparkly to every festivity. If sequins and glitters are not your thing, you can still wear something festive to the parties: metallics. Metallic colors are just as festive as most thing sparkly and shiny but they’re less bold and not-so-out-there. Here are some gorgeous metallic items to wear to holiday parties.

  • METALLIC SHOES – metallic shoes are the perfect addition to your holiday party outfit if you’re looking for something that’s not too loud and flashy but is sure to still give your outfit that undeniable festive vibe. Metallic shoes don’t always have to be pumps or stilettos. If your style is more on the tomboy side, you can opt for metallic brogues or oxfords. These are less girly but still super chic and stylish.

silver shoes metallic

silver metallic shoes metallic gold platform heels gray metallic pumps gold metallic shoes

  • METALLIC DETAILS – don’t feel like going all out on the shimmer and shine? That’s okay. You can keep it to a minimum by wearing pieces that only have metallic details on them instead of a full-on metallic piece. Metallic details often look best against dark colors so try combing black and metallic gold for a classy and elegant look or dark navy and silver for a more edgy, streetstyle-ish kind of look.

metallic dress details pants details in metallic gold mini metallic silver clutch

  • METALLIC SKIRT – if you want to give your usual look an edgy vibe and you still want to keep it chic and girly, perhaps you’ll enjoy a sleek metallic skirt. Pair this up with a slim knit sweater and you have yourself a super comfy and cute outfit. You can also wear it with a structured top or even a blazer for a more polished look.

metallic pencil skirt bronze metallic skirt doily cutout skirt outfit cute metallic skirt

  • METALLIC OUTERWEAR – now, I know committing to wearing something so festive all night can be a bit of a challenge, especially if that’s not your style at all, so if you’re looking for something that will give you more flexibility when it comes to your whole look in general, I’d say go for metallic outerwear instead. You can take it off anytime you feel like the whole metallic thing is too much or you can keep it on if you end up liking it.

purple metallic coat quilted metallic jacket ribber metallic coat

  • METALLIC ACCESSORIES – if you want to take the minimalistic approach with metallics, you can wear it on your accessories instead of on your proper outfit. A metallic clutch, metallic belt, metallic hair accessories – these are just some of the accessories you can add to your look to give it the subtlest feel of festivity.

top embellishments croc skin metallic clutch gold metallic belt

  • METALLIC DRESS – but then again, if you’re all for wearing metallics for the holidays, go ahead and go all out by wearing a metallic dress. This is sure to make heads turn at any party. Remember to keep the rest of your look simple, though, so as not to end up with an outfit that’s way over the top.

chic gold metallic dress multicolor dress outfit

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