Gorgeous Looks from Margot Robbie to Copy Now

Margot Robbie has made a name for herself and now she’s more than just a great actress for she has become a style icon to many other young women, too. Here are some of the most gorgeous looks from Margot Robbie to copy now to get that ‘Best Dressed’ award yourself.

  • LAIDBACK LASS – here’s a very laidback look from Margot Robbie as she leaves a hotel in New York city. The simplicity of this outfit makes it great for every day and the lack of structure gives it a very casual and laidback vibe. I just love the super subtle polka dot print and gold button details on her white top.

laidback look

laidback outfit

  • A HINT OF RETRO – this look is awesome on Margot. The colorful animal print design on her mini dress gives it a very fun and vibrant look. The tights and round sunnies and that leather backpack make the perfect finishing touches to give this outfit just the right hint of the retro vibe and it’s fabulous.

retro outfit retro inspired look

  • VINTAGE COUNTRY – here’s a look from Margot Robbie snapped from one of her latest films, The Wolf of Wall Street. This bright yellow dress paired up with brown leather boots scream major country vibes though it also has a bit of a vintage feel to it.

country vintage outfit country look

  • MIXED PRINTS – Margot Robbie sure knows how to liven up the simple black and white combo. Here, she is pictured wearing mixed prints in black and white and everything is working flawlessly to create a beautiful and stylish look. Who would have thought black and white could look so fun?

mixed prints outfit mixed prints

  • STYLE WOLF – here’s Margot on set for the Wolf of Wall Street wearing a gorgeous outfit that consists of animal print and leather. Now, that’s a combo I wouldn’t personally wear just because I don’t think I can pull it off but watch everything work well together and look so seamlessly chic. Animal print and leather together never looked so appealing to me.

leather and animal print leather outfit with animal print

  • HIPSTER HIGH – leather pants, sweater over a collared shirt, half up bun – all these have a very hipster-y vibe to them with a little bit of an edgy twist. All that’s missing in this outfit by Margot Robbie is a pair of thick black-rimmed glasses and she would be on her way to Nerdland.

edgy nerd

  • RED CARPET GLAM – lastly, let’s not forget about every single gorgeous red carpet outfit Margot Robbie has worn. Her glam team sure knows how to do their job right and Margot really knows how to strut her stuff on the red carpet.

red carpet lace dress red carpet look red carpet style

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