Gorgeous Boho Chic Updos

Whether you’re actually a fan of the Boho look or not, I’m pretty sure you’ll still love these gorgeous Boho chic updos that we’re about to show you. Messy hair is everything today and it’s perfect for ladies who live a busy lifestyle with very little time to perfect their ‘dos and make sure that every single strand is in place. Of course, you’ll need to still put some effort into creating these messy hairstyles so they look intentional. Here are some gorgeous Boho chic updos that you can create to achieve that perfectly messy look.

  • CROWN BRAID ADORNED WITH FLOWERS – it’s the flowers that totally make this look and you can use both fake plastic flowers and real ones when doing this look. To start off, finger comb your hair and start doing a crown braid. Having texture on your hair (from waves or curls) will also add more of that messy look to the finished look later on. Pull out little strands randomly for a more disheveled but artsy look.

flowers and crown braid hairstyle flowers and crown braid purple flowers and crown braid

  • CELTIC KNOT HALF UPDO – the Celtic knot is a great hairstyle to try if you want to add more detail and texture to your hair. If you know how to make a Celtic knot on a ribbon or a rope then you pretty much can do it with your hair, too. If you have trouble working with hair from the back of your head, you can ask someone to do it for you instead since it’s really easy.

celtic knot half updo

celtic knot on wavy hair

  • MILKMAID BRAIDS – another braided hairstyle that would give you a nice Boho chic look is the Milkmaid braid. This one looks quite complicated but it actually is very easy to do (check out the step by step guide below). You’ll want to be a little careless with this look and just let bits of strands fall off for that laidback look. You can also use other braid styles that you know of – fishtail, chain braid, rope braid – instead of just the regular three-strand braid.

messy milkmaid braid milkmaid braid boho chic milkmaid braid easy milkmaid braid

  • FRIZZY WAVES FAUX BOB – whenever I think of Boho chic hair, frizzy waves always come to mind but how do you achieve that without the natural elements? Well, I have two words for you: texturizing spray. This wonder hair product allows you to get that frizzy look in your hair without actually having to expose your locks to damaging elements. Just spray a little bit of texturizing spray on and then create waves with your curling iron and you can start pinning your hair up in a faux bob.

boho bob long bob frizzy waves wavy faux bob wavy faux lob

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