Good Fashion Tips for Ladies of all Sizes

Fashion is not a ‘one size fits all’ thing. What might look good on you might not look stunning on your best friend. With that being said, you need to know what complements your figure or body shape. Look your best whenever, wherever with these good fashion tips for ladies of all sizes.

Curvy: Whittle your Waist

If you are on the curvy side of the spectrum, then emphasizing your waist is one of the many good fashion tips that you ought to follow. Skimpy clothes that are cut diagonally are perfect for your body shape. For best results, your fashion items should cinch the waist, flaunt the hips, and skim the calves and thighs loosely.

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Full-Figured: Drapes and Terrific Tailoring

Drapes might not be applicable to other body shapes, but this is actually one of the good fashion tips that ought to be followed by full-figured ladies. Jersey clothes will work well on you, especially if it is twisted and gathered by your chest or waist.

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Tailored items are other pieces you need to consider for your figure. Good fashion tips for full-figured lady include the wearing of tailored button-ups, wrap dresses, and tailored pants, among many other polished pieces.
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Boyish: Detailing is Key

If you have a boyish or athletic body, worry not as following good fashion tips can help you achieve a more feminine figure. Create the illusion of an hourglass figure by wearing items that can help you achieve the look of a fuller bust and a wider hip. In other words, make sure to wear clothes that emphasize your little waist.

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Another one of the good fashion tips that will bring out the girly girl in you is to wear items with floral designs. It’s actually one of the easiest ways to soften up your athletic frame.

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Petite: Sexy in Solids

While busy prints and designs might look cute, the fact of the matter is it can overwhelm a petite frame. As such, wearing solid colors is always included in good fashion tips for petite women. Mixing solid colors (think color blocking) is a good way to hike up your fashion style without losing you in a swathe of fabric.

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Opting for ornate fabrics is another one of the good fashion tips for petite ladies. Items made from chiffon, brocade, velvet, and silk are just some of the pieces that you can wear in order to make you look richer and more stylish.

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