Glossybox re-invention

My glossy boxes are always just lying around my room or getting piled ontop of each. I dont want to throw them away because they are so pretty but i was also not making any use out of them. When i was tidying my room yesterday i decided it was time to either get rid or do something with them, i emptied them of their lovely tissue content and tried to think what i could use them for……storage!!!! My make up etc is a joke as im using my huge soap and glory cosmetics case to put everything in and i can never find anything. So i decided to use the boxes to organize my things such as eyeshadows, nail varnishes, skin care and perfumes. They keep everything in order so i can easily find things and the boxes are cute too! Its hard to fit alot of things in as the depth of the boxes isnt very big but they fit in the things i need them to. Ive only had four glossy boxes so far so next time i think ill re use them for jewellery, hair clips/bobbles, hair care etc…So if your boxes are just lying around too why not turn them into handy storage boxes like i did 🙂 

glossy box re-inventionglossy box re-invention2glossy box re-invention3

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