Glossy Box – November

The Christmas Gift Guide Part 1
5 things to try before you buy (whether for yourself or others)

I do like the whole concept of this box because you can try products and then buy the full size for Christmas to give to somebody who might like it. These products can be used as stocking fillers too if you don’t want to keep them for yourself!

1 The Christmas Gift Guide Part 1

Inside this months box I received
Arbonne FC5 Cooling Foot Cream 15 ML full size 118ML £19.00
I haven’t tried this product yet but I always get hard and dry skin on my feet so I will see how this goes in helping out with that problem because I pretty much neglect my feet which is naughty of me because I do need to take care of them more.
Dead Sea Spa Magik Dead Sea Bath Salts 250g full size 1kg £5.50
I wasn’t excited about seeing this in this months box as we received a similar product in September’s box which I didn’t particularly like either they just scratched my skin to death and clumps of it just fell to the bottom of the bath when I tried to use it. I’m not a fan of bath salts and I have only ever brought them once. I wouldn’t consider dead see bath salts to be a luxury product either especially the look of the packaging it comes in, it looks quite medical or hardware like. I will still use this product and see if it changes my mind at all.
Monu Skin Perfecter 50ml full size 50ml £16.25
This is the only product that I am looking forward to trying out. I have so many skin care products to try out that I haven’t had chance to yet but I will let you all know how I get on with it, I hope its not going to be a let down.
Nail Rock Wraps Full pack £6.65
I have never tried nail wraps before and I know they have been out a while and I am pretty late trying them. So I guess that I am glad that Glossy Box have included these in this months box because I probably wouldn’t have brought them otherwise. I have in fact tried these since I got them, I received the stripy ones which I wouldn’t have chosen personally but arent totally disgusting like some that I have seen. They were quite easy to apply and once on they do give a nice effect to the nails. They are great for anybody who likes nail art but cannot do it themselves (Like me) I probably wouldn’t buy these again because they only lasted 2 days on my nails and for £6.65 I’m not sure if its worth it and they are supposed to last for 7 days. I wouldn’t class these as a luxury product to include in this box either.
Serge Lutens – L’eau Serge Lutens – Vitriol d’Oeillet Full size 100ML £86.00 50ML £78.00
This box see’s yet more perfume samples which I am always disappointed to see because I haven’t liked any of the perfumes that I have received in my Glossy Box’s. I feel as if they act as a filler so it looks like more products but really you could get these samples for free at a department store. These perfumes are unisex and they smell quite musky which I’m not a big fan of so I may give these to my boyfriend or dad.
Overall I wasn’t too overwhelmed by this months Glossy Box and I haven’t actually been since they put in the HD Brows product, since then I havnt been excited about the other boxes that ive recived. All together this box is worth £27.65 which is still good considering I payed £12.95 but I cant help but feel disappointed because all the products haven’t been to my taste despite the value of them. I will be happy if I end up liking the Monu Skin Perfecter and the foot cream because then it wont feel like a waste of money.I have unsubscribed from Glossy Box now and I have joined Carmine because the contents overall look much better value for money and more to my tastes.

How did you feel about this months box?

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