Glamorous Looks from the 60s to Wear Today

When it comes to beauty and fashion, nothing beats the 60s. It was just one of the most iconic eras for women because it was when all the glam girls were so famous and it was such a fun time to go all out on being glamorous then. If you’re looking for beauty inspiration, just look back at the 60s and you’ll see lots of pretty looks that you can take inspiration from. In fact, some of the hottest looks and trends today are inspired by looks from the 60s. Here are some more glamorous looks from the 60s that you can wear today.

  • Big, voluminous hair – having poofy hair was a thing back in the 60s and it’s something that you can still sport today. You might want to go easy on the volume, though. You’ll want to look fabulous with just a slight hint of the 60s instead of looking like you’re sporting a total flashback. There are plenty of ways to pump up the volume in your hair and the easiest one is to simply tease and back comb it. Wear big hair on its own or incorporate it in other fancier hairstyles. If you’re still not sure on how to wear this look, take a look at Jackie Kennedy’s pictures or photos or Jane Fonda. These were the queens when it came to big, poofy hair back then.

big light blonde hair

big retro hair

  • Flirty cat eyes and wing tips – bored of your usual liner routine? Play it up with a flirty cat eye or a nice wing tip style. This look takes time and practice to perfect but it sure is worth mastering. The cat eye has even become one of the most popular looks for beauty today with young stars like Lauren Conrad making it part of their signature looks. Need help with perfecting these liner looks? Check out some tips for doing the perfect cat eye HERE.

cat eye on pale eye makeup perfect cat eye liner

  • Light lips – pale and light lip colors back in the 60s were as hot as today’s bright and vivid orange lips. They were the hottest trends and every glam girl wouldn’t be seen without them. There are still plenty of light lip colors that you can get your hands on today, even from your favorite brands. If you have pale skin, you can offset the look with bright blush on your cheeks and some color on your eyes so you don’t look too ‘washed out’.

retro pale lisp pale pink lips

  • Full brows – another beauty trend that was really popular back in the 60s that you can still wear today are full brows. With the help of your eyebrow grooming kits, you can sport this look even if you have naturally thin and sparse brows. Start by lining and shaping your groomed brows with brow pencil. Fill them in and them put stray strands into place with brow wax or brow gel and you’re ready to go! If you want to give this a modern twist, skip the brow gel or brow wax and sport bushy-looking brows instead like Cara Delevingne

full brows wine red lips thick full brows

  • Center part – I barely see women who do their hair with a classic center part anymore. Today’s hairstyles are almost always parted on the side or slicked back. If need a touch of the 60s in your look, though, sporting a center part is the easiest way to go. Make sure your center part is nice and straight and clean to really get that retro vibe going.

clean center part dark precise center part

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