GLAM GLOW Youth Mud Mask Tinglexfoliate Treatment review

GLAMGLOW YOUTH MUD mask review :

Every now and then you see a product which is raved about by all and sundry and even though it might not be what you would typically use, anything that receives that many rave reviews has to be worth trying, right?

GLAM GLOW Youth Mud Mask

Such was the case with me and the much acclaimed Glamglow mask. When I bought the exfoliating mask I wasn’t aware that there was another variety which exfoliates through the inclusion of various acids which might have been more suited to my skin type but such is life.

The first thing I noticed when taking the jar out of the box is that the jar is maybe a third of the size of the packaging. Now this is one of my personal bugbears about the beauty industry: so much unnecessary packaging! Totally useless but at least it was cardboard and thus recyclable.

One thing that did make me laugh about the packaging though is it has a number of little symbols on the front relating to its various attributes and one of them was 99.7% paraben free. Now ok, it shows how small the percentage of ingredients parabens are but they’re spread throughout the formula. It’s not like you can not use the last 0.3% as that’s the parabens… On the subject of parabens though, the formula does contain five different parabens which might seem a little excessive. GLAM GLOW Youth Mud Mask review
When it comes to the mask itself, it’s really thick and quite grainy due to the inclusion of ground pumice as the exfoliant. Its thickness means it is quite difficult to spread across the face so you do need to work at it, meaning the ground pumice does end up almost scratching the skin which doesn’t feel very pleasant. Add to that the formula contains bits of green tea leaves which, being rather wet, feel distinctly slimy and whilst I appreciate that tea has skin benefitting polyphenols, I’m not entirely sure how these transfer from the leaves to the skin…

The other issue with this mask is never mind tingling, this stings! I don’t have sensitive skin, in recent memory there is only one thing that has caused a reaction but this stung like anything. I’m slightly confused what causes this as there is nothing on the ingredient list which jumps out as causing this but the instructions do say to expect a tingle-tactic ( I suspect they meant tingle-tastic, in which case, get a proof reader!) so maybe I just over-tingled.GLAM GLOW Youth Mud Mask Tinglexfoliate Treatment
It sets pretty hard and isn’t the easiest to remove which is when the ground pumice again becomes an issue. Being irregular in shape and thus quite scratchy, it felt slightly like I was gouging at my skin. This might be because I’m more used to using scrubs with softer granules but it feels quite harsh on the face.

On the positive side, my skin does look glowing (if rather pink) when I finally got all of the mask off and feels very soft but it isn’t particularly pleasant to use. I get equally soft skin after double cleansing and using a gentle exfoliator so I’m not convinced this is worth it, especially considering the high price point.

All in all, this is a big no-no for me. And despite the fact it’s not cheap and the glowing accolades, not only would I not repurchase it, I’m unlikely even to use it again.

Glamglow Youth Mud is available from Space NK, priced £25 for 15ml and £50 for 50ml.

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