Givenchy Eclat Matissime Foundation Review

Givenchy Eclat Matissime Foundation Review

Givenchy's New Eclat Matissime Foundation

Finding the perfect foundation when you have oily skin or any skin type for that matter can be tough. I should know, I’ve been on the hunt for the best base for my face for as long as I can remember. I’ve tried them all, and yes, while there have been some good contenders along the way, I was still yet to find ONE that combined everything I was looking for.
Just for reference my wish list is as follows:
  • Must have a nice fluid consistency, that is neither too runny nor too creamy, i.e just right and easy to blend.
  • Has to offer a good level of coverage and by good I mean enough to even out my skin tone and lightly cover imperfections. Concealer will do the rest.
  • The finish must be slightly matte but nothing mask like, with a hint of radiance. I want my base to enhance my skin not hide it completely.
  • It must NOT feel/look heavy, because nobody wants to really feel like their wearing make-up, do they?
  • And crucially, last but not least for anyone that has problems with oil control or simply wants their make-up to stay put, it has to be long lasting. I don’t do touch ups, so I’m talking ten hours, minimum.

Am I asking for too much? 

I’d definitely begun to think I was. Whilst a lot of foundations I’ve used over the years have covered most of the points mentioned above, none have ever ticked all my boxes, so to speak. I’d always have to compromise on something, whether it be finish or lasting power, because traditionally, matte = mask and radiance = grease ball.

Neither of which I want. Thankfully though, this new generation of intelligent base that seems to be everywhere are coming out with some real winners, and I believe I may have found my perfect match in Givenchy’s new Eclat Matissime foundation.
Givenchy's New Eclat Matissime Foundation-1
Purchased on a whim a fortnight ago, this ‘airy-light mat radiance’ foundation is so much more than just a good base. It not only offers everything on my wish list, but also contains skin purifying and balancing ingredients too!
Sounds amazing, yes?
It really is, now let me tell you why.
Givenchy's New Eclat Matissime Foundation-2
Looks first, encased in this unusual but practical ‘lighter esque’ black case, the pump feature allows for a mess free application and clever lid makes it travel friendly too. It’s understated and fuss free, I like.Once well shaken, applying this foundation is a dream, it’s like covering the skin in a veil of silk and the consistency is super light to which you’d expect not much coverage, but amazingly this stuff covers mostly everything. I’d say medium and most definitely buildable due to it’s lightness.Oh and the finish, the finish is beautiful. I can’t quite get over it to be honest.It looks like skin; MY skin, but better. It’s completely undetectable, totally flawless and like the title suggests ‘airy light’, giving a slightly matte yet slightly radiant glow. LOVE.

Anyway, take a look for yourselves at these (untouched) close ups of Eclat Matissime on the skin.

Givenchy's New Eclat Matissime Foundation-3
So the important question, how does it wear?Pretty well. There’s no fading at all or anything, but due to the delicateness of this foundation and non powdery finish it isn’t as shine resisting (5hrs until a spot of powder is needed) on my skin as other heavier matte bases are. I think though, that if you had normal to combination skin then it would last all day, no problem.Ok, as the wish list is well covered, what about those hidden treasures Eclat Matissime also offers:

  • SPF 20 – PA ++
  • Instead of aggressively tackling excess sebum production like other foundations, Zinc beads in the formula contribute to regulating oil production long term on certain areas.
  • Ginger extract works to purify the skin, while astringent properties of pimpernel and cinnamon extracts help tighten pores and smooth out the skins texture.

More than just superficial perfection, hey?

Apologies for the rather long winded review, but as you can tell I’m pretty excited about my latest base discovery. It’s just that it’s really rare that a foundation like this comes along to suit my skin type!

If the likes of YSL’s Touche Eclat or Chanel’s Vitalumiere Aqua didn’t last long on you, try this. It’s the oily skin equivalent.

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