Girl on the Go Looks with Tine Andrea

Looking effortlessly cool is one of the basic yet functional styles you can have if you’re a girl on the go. Behind The Fashion Eaters blog, Tine Andrea is a style blogger known for her laidback, effortless, and cool street looks that might inspire your style. If you’re looking for basic yet polished street looks, keep on reading to draw inspiration from Andrea, and get the girl-on-the-go-looks like her.

Have at least one statement accessory to add some flair to your minimalist style.

jeans with white blouse and statement sandals

white dress with turqouise sandals red sunglasses with printed dress off shoulder top with black pants and mercury sunglasses metallic gold envelope clutch with minimalist outfit

Having a girl-on-the-go look doesn’t mean you have to look plain and boring to your style. However, the goal is to look simple as possible yet polished so you would create an effortlessly cool style. Like Tine, add some color to your white dress and basic shirt with jeans outfit by wearing a colorful pair of sandals, making your style a bit playful without going overboard. If you’re heading to a formal occasion and you wish for some on-the-go look, simply top your black-and-white outfit with a pair of mercury sunglasses and a jewel-tone clutch that will do the tricks for you like Tine did.

Create dressy looks out of neutral-colored ensembles.

flared pants with black blouse shift dress with lug sole shoes navy jumpsuit navy blazer with accordion skirt and black top mesh skirt with black top and studded heels

Dressy outfits always end up looking classy and sophisticated, so to keep that on-the-look you’re aiming for, limit your color choices to neutral shades and chic ensembles. Like Tine, you may play with your outfit’s structure by wearing a pair of chic pants with your little black dress, or resorting to a navy colored jumpsuit in elegant fabric. If you’re going monochromatic on your outfit, always keep the contrasting textures on your style to keep it interesting yet minimal.

Wear your basic pieces in an unexpected way.

floral blazer with striped tee and jeans shirt dress with jeans and mesh top oxfords with suit and graphic tee lug sole shoes with militart jacket striped tee with jeans and bandana scarf

Getting a girl-on-the-go look doesn’t mean you just have to wear pieces as they are. Like Tine, be a bit creative on your layers by wearing a tunic with a pair of jeans and a mesh top for instance. However, street clear to sequin tops, embellished pieces, and printed piece so you wouldn’t end up looking trying hard. Remember, too intricate or sophisticated pieces can take the sophistication away from you, so stick to streamlined cuts, clean lines, and chic ensembles. Like Tine, add some edge to your daily style by wearing your business suit with a graphic tee and a pair of oxfords that will refresh your girl-on-the-go look in a trendy way.

Resort to a pair of sneakers to complete your on-the-go looks.

sporty chic outfit sneakers with skirt and button down shirt sneakers with oversized dress sneakers with chic outfit sneakers with black dress

The most casual, effortless, and cool pair of shoes, sneakers can give you an instant sporty vibe without resorting to slouchy pants and sweatshirts. Like Tine, keep your classic button-down shirt and pencil skirt polished and chic but make it a bit sporty with a pair of sneakers. By mixing your chic pieces with sporty sneakers, you’ll create an effortlessly cool style every girl-on-the-go opts for.

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