Giorgia Tordini: How to Create a Timeless Street Style

A creative consultant in New York, Giorgia Tordini is a street style star known for her sleek, elegant, and timeless look featuring the Italian style that has long been associated with provocative color combinations and a fearless approach to prints. Looking for inspirations on how to create a timeless street style with sophistication? Keep on scrolling to scoop some of Giorgia’s tricks.

ripped boyfriend jeans with camel coat

silk blouse with boyfriend jeans skinny jeans with tuxedo blazer

According to Giorgia, she admires Parisian style that’s natural, chic, and basic. “I don’t have specific style rules, but I like to buy timeless pieces that I’ll never tire of. My staples are blazers and skinny jeans, so most of the time I stick to this combination. My style is pretty classic, but never predictable – I like to accessorize with special jewelry or a pair of statement shoes,” she said. “A pair of black skinny jeans and a white shirt are the best way to feel comfortable all day. I’m a big fan of sneakers so I complete my look with white Converse,” she added. Like her, you may wish to dress up your favorite denim whether a pair of distressed boyfriend jeans or a plain skinny one with classic pieces like a button-down shirt, knitted sweater, silk blouse, tuxedo blazer, camel coat and such.

black and white outfit brocade pants with coat and velvet scarf floral dress with boots modern vest and straight leg pants striped top with silk pants

According to her, she generally doesn’t wear a lot of colors, though summer is the exception because she’s tanned and likes to wear dusty tones or neutrals. So stick to neutral shades of gray, black, brown, white, as well as classic colors of olive green and blue like she does. Giorgia sometimes wears prints but keep it muted and simple. Stripes, checks, plaids, floral and such are some of her favorite picks. So, leave those art-inspired prints and geometric ones that look too trendy and modern if you’re aiming for a timeless look that never goes out of style.

cropped blazer with high waist pants and black top gray coat with classic outfit classic coat with jeans houndstooth coat with boots military cardigan with black outfit

“I’m nostalgic; my style always has something from the 1970s, so I like to buy vintage pieces that I mix with current designers,” she said. So like Giorgia, you may mix modern with vintage to keep your look timeless. Wool coats, trench coats, pinstripe blazer, houndstooth coat, and even military-inspired coat can be your great option to top your typical outfit of jeans and tee. It’s up to you whether you’re going for a pair of manly loafers, modern statement shoes, or classic pumps to polish your style.

pointy boots with leather skirt and white tee modern outfit with pointy boots leather skirt with fur coat and ankle boots

A timeless street style doesn’t mean looking classic and feminine all the time as Giorgia sometimes keeps her outfit edgy and modern. Like her, you may think of a leather skirt, pointy boots, architectural outfit and such to give your timeless and classic style some edge without losing your feminine vibe. This way, your street style will look timeless and will never go out of style.

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