Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel Review

Zero blackheads in one step? Sounds appealing! My skin is normally relatively well behaved but one problem that does persist is congestion. Here is my review of Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel  !

No matter how much I scrub and exfoliate I still have blackheads across my nose and rough bumpy skin elsewhere. I still had raised dark scars from the breakouts that I think were caused by a skin care item I tried several weeks ago and some flaky bits to boot (I’m painting a lovely picture here aren’t I). So I jumped at the chance to try this product. This claims to rub away layers of dead skin and by doing so clear blocked pores and leave brighter skin underneath.

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel

I had thought that this would be a typical physical exfoliator with little scrubby bits in but it isn’t. It’s a completely smooth clear green tinted gel with no real fragrance that I can detect (which is a plus in my book, I don’t like fragranced skin care). You massage it into dry skin for 1 minute before rinsing off. At first I thought it wasn’t doing anything but after about 20 seconds I realised my face was covered in (and there is no pleasant way of saying this) balls of rolled up dead skin. I’m no chemist but I’m guessing this is a chemical exfoliant, and a pretty freaking fantastic one at that!

Ginvera Green Tea Whitening Marvel Gel1

It does say it’s safe for daily use but after a week of solid use trialling it out I switched to using it every 2-3 days which I think is enough for my skin. It has certainly helped with the blackhead situation although I wouldn’t say I am 100% blackhead free. A couple of stubborn ones still linger but it’s a huge improvement from before.  For me the most dramatic change has been the texture of my skin. Gone are the rough, bumpy congested pores. The dry flaky remnants of past breakouts are now flat and smooth and encouragingly I haven’t had any new blemishes since I started using this.

So my skin looks clearer, feels smoother and as a result whatever makeup I apply now looks better because it has a smoother canvas. Because my pores are less gunked up they look less noticeable too! It’s not often a skin care product really makes an obvious, visible improvement to my skin. More often than not I’m judging producst on whether or not they have an adverse effect! This though has really surprised me. I can feel a real difference. This costs £22 from

*Product was sent for review consideration. As usual this doesn’t affect my review, I am not obliged to provide a glowing review just because I didn’t pay for it!*