Get the Urban Minimalist Look with Amanda Shadforth

Living in the big city with a hectic pace of life requires you to look effortlessly polished and sleek. Mind behind the Oracle Fox blog, Amanda Shadforth is a fashion blogger known for her urban minimalist look featuring neutral palette, clean lines, and modern cuts on her street style. Whether you’re a working girl wishes to add some edge to your office looks, or a fashion-forward lady that looks for a minimalistic inspiration, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Introduce some modern edge to your office looks.

high waist gray pants with wool coat

white vest with white leg pants turtleneck sweater with bermuda shorts and snake print boots knitted bodycon dress with structured blazer and socks with sandals

If you’re working in a creative or casual workplace, switching up between skirt and jeans may be easy. However, there are times you can add some modern edge to your conservative office looks while keeping it work-appropriate. Like Amanda, think of trading your straight-leg pants with a pair of boot-cut or flared pants, just to add some edge to your monochromatic outfit. Break some fashion rules by wearing socks with sandals instead of your traditional shoes and boots, but keep it black to avoid unwanted impression. Think of making walking shorts office-appropriate by keeping its hemline conservative like Bermuda shorts that can go well with a turtleneck sweater.

Trade your basic pieces to leather ensembles.

leather crop top with skirt and statement boots patent leather trousers with military jacket patent leather skirt with checkered top and bandeau leather tank top with blazer and ripped shorts

Leather is the edgiest textile you may go for to effortlessly add some texture to your urban minimalist outfits. Though you may go for a leather-on-leather outfit in colder months, trading your cotton tank tops, silk skirt, and skinny jeans to leather versions will make your street style modern and edgy. For a bold statement, opt for a patent leather that has a glossy finish that will add some shine to your urban minimalist look.

Be unexpectedly sexy on your street style.

cut out blazer with flared pants white mesh dress oversized sweater with lace skirt mesh skirt with black top and edgy boots

Amanda is known for looking edgy rather than looking sexy, so you can achieve the look by going for unexpected pieces like a cut-out blazer instead of a plunging V-neck blouse, or a mesh skirt instead of a miniskirt. Like her, you may go for an oversized sweater that can be balanced with a feminine lace skirt and net-like sandals.

Don statement footwear.

structured chelsea boots with button down shirt statement mules with urban minimalist outfit statement lace up boots with edgy outfit fur loafers with turtleneck and statement skirt

Shoes can make or break your look, so go for ones that will make the statement for you. Having a statement boots doesn’t necessary mean it has to look flashy and bright in color, especially when you have that minimalist style. Like Amanda, go for a pair of Chelsea boots with a structured and polished style compared to traditional ones that look a bit loose when worn. Mules with gold wire-like heels, loafers with fur trims, and thigh-high boots in lace-up styles are some of her picks that can make a statement for you even in the black shade.

Bring some edgy structure to your minimalist style.

studded dress with structured coat structured vest with leather trousers and pointy loafers mesh skirt with edgy futuristic top button down shirt with edgy shorts and boots

Apart from resorting to leather ensembles, adding some edgy structures on your minimalist style will make it look more urban and modern. Like Amanda, you may opt for a structured best worn with an all-black outfit and pointy loafers, or a futuristic jacket worn with net-like skirt and boots. If you don’t have those pieces, simply make your button-down shirt hang loose with your tight-fitting leather shorts worn with ankle boots like Amanda did. By following these styling tricks, you’ll be able to have that urban minimalist look effortlessly.

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