Get the Parisian Looks This Summer with Daphne

Parisian style is one of the most effortless and chic looks around the globe that every fashion-forward woman draw inspiration from. Mind behind the Mode and the City blog, Daphne is a Parisian style blogger known for her effortlessly chic looks perfect this summer. If you’re a fan of the Parisian look, keep on reading to scoop some styling tricks from her, so you’ll get more fashion-forward looks this season.

Make you casual style sleek and dressy.

casual chic dress with ballet flats

embroidered chambray shirt with denim skirt denim skirt with striped top chambray shorts with button down shirt and hat

Parisian women are known for chic and dressy looks no matter whether they’re heading to the office or to the streets. So, skip those ripped jeans, frayed shorts, and slouchy tops that don’t look polished and go for good fitting clothes. Like Daphne, you may still go for a denim skirt as long as it’s neat without any fringes, rips, or acid-washed look to keep your summer outfit Parisian-inspired. You may go for casual-chic shorts, but skip those cut-off ones as revealing clothes are not part of the Parisian look. Chic shirt dresses with a nice silhouette and fit, as well as classic prints would be great for an effortlessly chic look this summer.

Go for a nautical-inspired theme.

nautical beach outfit with hat striped dress with blazer and flats red blazer with nautical tee and skirt nautical outfit with striped espadrilled

Nautical theme is one of the most stylish looks to go for this summer. To make the look works for you in a Parisian style, keep your outfit sleek and chic while paying attention to the nautical details like boat prints, Breton stripes, nautical colors, sailor prints and such. Like Daphne, think of a striped dress that will look chic with a pair of ballet flats instead of uncomfortable heels. Also, keep your looks coordinated by wearing the matching colors and prints on your accessories.

Go for classic and clean prints.

floral dress with wedges striped skirt with top and espadrilles polka dots dress with woven tote parisian outfit with chic flats gingham print shirt with lace shorts

Parisian fashion is known for its sophisticated and classy details including the prints. So skip those flashy prints and loud patterns that will only take away the sophistication from you. Like Daphne, you may go for a gingham print shirt teamed with a pair of lace shorts that would be perfect for summer picnics or road trips. Tea dresses with classic prints can also be perfect for a morning brunch or walk in the park with friends. Print mixing may not be a look of the Parisian fashion, but you may still incorporate it to your summer looks as long as you stick with clean prints like Daphne always does.

Wear your modern pieces with classic ensembles.

striped top and skirt with espadrilles silk scarf with chic outfit modern classic outfit chic blazer with shorts checkered romper with chic blouse

Try to mix your modern pieces with classic ensembles to make your style effortlessly chic like Parisian women. Like Daphne, think of wearing a pair of chic walking shorts with your blazer and blouse, or team your button-down shirt with rompers instead of crop tops. You may opt for miniskirts but go for full skirts over form-fitting ones to keep your summer style feminine and chic yet not overly sexy or daring.

Less is more when it comes to accessorizing.

saddle bag with chic dress denim hat and slip on sandals with chic dress black sporty dress with espadrilles

Opt for summer hats, chic sunglasses, and satchel bags but skip ring stacking or necklace layering that looks trendy yet not classy. Like Daphne, you may opt for a denim hat and a pair of denim slip-on sandals to dress up your chic dress. Also, forget those sneakers that you usually wear with your chic pieces as Parisian women only wear them to the gym. Save your stiletto heels for formal occasions and resort to a pair of ballet flats.

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