Get the Off-Duty Style with Sofia Tsakiridou

The “off-duty” style has become part of the sartorial vocabulary. Vogue Magazine describes the off-duty look as a “nonchalant dress code adopted by models and actresses when dressing for their private lives.” Mind behind the Matiamu blog, Sofia Tsakiridou is a model based in Hamburg, Germany and travelling the world. According to her, ‘matia mu’ means ‘my eyes’ in Greek and points out what she wants to show the world. Whether you wish to look effortless after your working hours, or wish to copy the model-off-duty style, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Go for a monochromatic dressing.

all white outfit with colorful bag

olive green knit matching set camel knit dress with lace up sandals

Another fairly easy way to pull off the off-duty look is to go with monochromatic outfits. Unlike the minimalist style, keep the clean lines and streamlined silhouette to keep your looks polished. Like Sofia, you may go for a loose knit dress or matching set, but keep the style polished by showing some skin or adding some flair with your footwear.

Stick to the basics.

chunky sweater with skirt and lace up sandals sweater with skinny jeans and boots sweater with jeans and saddlebag silk top with blazer and skinny jeans oversized sweater with striped skirt and sneakers

Though a model-off-duty style is usually seen in tank tops, plain tees, and skinny jeans, you may dress up your looks a bit while keeping it effortless. It is simply unnecessary to go to an all-out wardrobe change and buy a whole new ensemble to achieve this look. If you’re a career woman, you may start with your basics like button-down shirts, relaxed tops, silk top, distressed jeans, comfy sweater, or even your favorite go-to boots and go from there. Just keep in mind that the key to this style is to look nonchalant.

Add some sexy edge to your style.

edgy outfit with sneakers sexy black jumpsuit minimalist jumpsuit with edgy boots

When in doubt, just remember to put a little edginess or sexiness to your outfit to give you that charismatic usually models and bloggers have. You may add something menswear inspired, but you may also resort to edgy boots. Sometimes, you don’t have to go all-out styling and think long and hard of what to wear. A black jumpsuit with sexy neckline or backless style can be enough. Another simple way of pulling off an off-duty look is by wearing whatever you feel like wearing and slip on an edgy blazer or leather jacket like Sofia did wearing her basic outfit with sneakers.

Don’t be afraid of prints and patterns.

striped dress with lightweight top rainbow striped top with denim romper checkered suede button-front skirt with crop top black top with checkered pants

Though plain tee and tank tops are common in the off-duty looks, you may still go bold with prints. The one thing that models seem to pull off with their off-duty outfits is their innate ability to make any kind of prints look gorgeous. You may start with basic prints like stripes and checks to keep your look effortless while channeling that nonchalant look of an off-duty style.

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