Get the Cosmopolitan Look with Karina Patulska

Cosmopolitan style is known for sophisticated, classy, and demure with a hint of mystery. Mind behind the Karina in Fashionland, Karina Patulska is a U.S.A-based style blogger known for her cosmopolitan style featuring her structured, chic, and trendy outfits. If you wish to get a modern, sleek, and fashionable look, keep on reading to get the cosmopolitan style with Karina’s tricks.

Get some sophisticated flair with modern classic ensembles.

classy orange trousers and top with gold cuffs

modern classic pussy bow blouse with classic pumps modern classic gray and black outfit with necklace

A few key pieces can transform your wardrobe to cosmopolitan one. Like Karina, you may keep your office style professional at the same time cosmopolitan with a pussy bow blouse teamed with a knee-length full skirt and classic pumps. You may also go for sleek, wool pants in a neutral shade, like gray, black, or white that can be matched with printed or solid tops. However, you must choose muted colors when selecting your blouses and shirts to prevent looking garish. If you’re working in a conservative office, a suit set with a skirt bottom is another suitable look giving you that cosmopolitan style. Great for cocktail parties or other high-class events, a wrap top teamed with a high-lit skirt can be worn with a variety of accessories and shoes to change its look.

Go chic on your casual street look.

leather shorts with polka dots top and lace up shoes stretchy sporty knit dress with nude sneakers pink top with floral print shorts

If you’re a tee and jeans type of girl, it’s time to refresh your look. Though you may still go for chic denim pieces, preferably in darker colors, you may think of chic alternatives that can still make your style casual yet chic. Instead of a pair of Birkenstock sandals, you may go for a chic pair of sneakers, lace-up flats, ballet flats, gladiators and even low wedge heels that can be comfortable but add some sophisticated flair to your outfit. Also, a button down shirt, a chic tank top, breezy shorts, an A-line skirt, and even a knit dress can be universally flattering and can be worn day or night.

Think of menswear-inspired ensembles and military styles.

leather skirt with military skirt structured navy military dress with lace up gladiators olive green military coat

Menswear can be an inspiration for the cosmopolitan woman, so think of tuxedo blazers, oxfords, brogues, loafers, structured coats, or even military ensembles. The key to wearing menswear-inspired pieces is to opt for clean lines and a tighter, tapered fit. A utility or military jacket adds trendiness to almost any outfit you wear. Just add a variety of accessories to take your menswear look from simple to sexy. Like Karina, you may even wear a military dress that will look feminine with a pair of lace-up gladiators.

Accessories will round out your ensemble and give you the cosmopolitan edge.

statement necklace with crop top and asymmetric wrap skirt graphic print top with cobalt blue sandals and mustard crossbody bag floral print top with pink clutch and sandals

A cosmopolitan look combines trendy, classic, and dressy pieces, along with accessories, to create a pulled-together but comfortable ensemble. So, stay up-to-date on trends and fashion styles that will give you an advantage by knowing what to wear. Though you can add trendy tops to mix up your look and extend the life of your basic pieces, wearing accessories can be the easiest trick to transform your outfits. Like Karina, you may think of orange sandals and pastel pink clutch that will add some playful vibe to your typical black pants and floral print top. If your outfit is already attention-grabbing, keep your accessories simple, such as a pair of diamond studs and a sleek watch that will pull together your look. By heeding these tricks from Karina, you’ll get that cosmopolitan look effortlessly while staying true to your personal style.

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