Get the Boho-Chic Meets Grunge Style with Jana Wind

From Münster, Germany, Jana Wind is the mind behind the Bekleidet blog known for her expressive street looks with a mix of bohemian, chic, and grunge fashion. According to her, being a full-time fashion blogger doesn’t mean you have to choose one personal style. “I love to change my clothes as often as my mood, which is every hour,” she said. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to mix different style, especially bohemian, chic, and grunge on your looks creatively, keep on reading to scoop some tricks from her.

Start with your jewelry.

chic jumpsuit with body chain

tribal necklaces with boho dress statement necklace with classic outfit gray tee with skirt and sneakers with grunge accessories chic outfit with grunge accessories

If you’re not confident to wear fringes or flares on your outfit, you may start incorporating some edgy and bohemian accessories to your style. Like Jana, you may still stick to your classic outfits of skirts, gray tee, chic blouse, and trousers, but add some spice to your looks by going for a tribal-inspired necklace, half moon pendant, and spiked details on your rings that will change your look a bit. For a trendy vibe, think of layering your necklaces creatively like wearing a choker with body chains and tribal necklace.

Incorporate bohemian silhouettes to your outfit.

chic blouse with flared lace pants fringed dress with grunge sandals festival outfit with boots crop top and jeans with fringed blanket scarf cold shoulder dress with fringed bagtribal print matching set

Flared pants, fringed jackets, and button-front skirts and such are trademarks of the bohemian fashion. If you don’t want to like coming from the 70s, mix your chic ensembles with bohemian ones that will make your style balanced. Like Jana, add some flair to your chic blouse by teaming it with a pair of flared lace pants that will give you some carefree look. If you’re heading to a music festival, go for a wrap crop top and team it with a pair of flared suede pants and fringed blanket scarf. Tribal prints and Ikat patterns can also be great to look festive on your street looks.

Resort to leather to add some edge to your looks.

black bohemian dress with leather leggings leather skirt with gray tee and floor length cardigan leather sandals with chic matching set tweed blazer with skirt and boots

Leather is a trademark of grunge fashion. So simply incorporate the fabric to whatever outfit you’re wearing. Like Jana, you may go for a leather skirt that will go perfectly with your floor-length vest and a casual top. Wearing leather leggings with your sheer bohemian dress can be great too, as well as going for an edgy pair of sandals to add some grunge vibe to your dressy outfit.

Play with your color palette.

high low dress with structured bag wrap skirt with casual top striped tee with culottes pleated pants with chic blouse loose dress with edgy sandals

If you’re not a fan of wearing bohemian and grunge details, resort to their color palette. Bohemian fashion is known for earthy tones like mustard, brown, red-orange, and rust while grunge resorts to burgundy, black, dark purple and gray. Like Jana, add some bohemian vibe to your monochromatic nude outfit by wearing and earth tone satchel bag, or wear a pair of rust-toned culottes with your Breton striped tee. By mixing these styles in one look, you’ll be able to create a signature style that defines your personality.

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